Thursday, May 26, 2011

thrifty clothes pt 3

please show me your favorite outfit, accessory, shoes, whatever! i am in a voyeuristic mood.

two of my favorite thrifty outfits:
thrifty 2
H&M Jeggings: $20
tunic from Kohls clearance: $8.99
jean jacket: $4.99 thrift store
belt: free from a friend

thrifty 1
my favorite dress!

dress: free from friend
belt: $.50
tights: given to me as a Christmas gift ($6.99 from Macy's I believe)


Adriana said...

i love these posts...i thrift everything. id say 80% of what i own (not just clothing but EVERYTHING) is thrifted!

beka said...

gosh, i love thrift posts.
i know. that sounds identical to the comment above. shoot.
i just saw your birth vid and pics on youtube; thought it was beautiful! then saw you had a blog, too.
cute place!
i love when there's good birth movies on YT to balance out all the negative ones. a week and a half ago i got the privilege of photographing a friend's birth --

i hope you have a lovely wednesday! <3

jenny mae. said...

beautiful pictures!!