Thursday, July 21, 2011

the best is yet to come

there was about 30% of me that thought i would be productive and not give in to hedonism on this week off from parenting. yeah, that pretty much turned out to be the exception rather than the rule.

tuesday i went shopping with maggie almost all day. it was DIVINE. and not just getting away without our kids (but let's be real, that was pretty sweet) but trying on clothes and SHOES and just laughing and being together for hours. gah, i could never get enough of that. i got home and tried on all my new clothes, then went over to my friend beth's house with chelsea and we literally sat in a kiddie pool eating frozen blueberries and popsicles. i mean, who wouldn't want to do that with their girlfriends when it is 100 degrees out? ohio weather i am shaking my fist at you! 90s i can deal with but this whole week is supposed to be 100-115 with the heat index. GO AWAY. after pool party fun david came home and we had a picnic dinner at the dog park. again, divine! yesterday i slept in until 10 (!) and beth and chelsea came over for lunch because it was beth's birthday. YAY! after we parted ways i made my way to a local farm where i bought 50 lbs of cherries, which came pitted thank you lord jesus because pitting is a big pain in the tuckas, and 10 more pounds of blueberries. i spent the rest of the day making preserves, jellies, freezing, setting up the dehydrator, and so on. david and i stayed up really late trying to beat lego star wars on the wii. how romantic!

today i slept in until a hedonistic 11:00. then i rolled out of bed and made myself some spaghetti for breakfast BECAUSE I COULD. and to continue the junk food, i ate a cheeseburger for lunch with some koolaid. ha! the bulk of today however has been spent grocery shopping and cooking for tomorrow's aforementioned harry potter dinner party. i am have had way, way too much fun doing this guys. the picture of me today is dancing around the kitchen blasting new kids on the block while i cook soups and mini pies. i mean could that be more heavenly? survey says no.

i think a dozen or so folks are coming to the dinner tomorrow. i am thankful that i have indulgent, silly friends who are into the same kind of things and willing to be perhaps a bit child-like about a book. monday night after our small group david, dan starcher, and i went to see the movie. Oh, OH! guys it is so good. it could never be as good as the book but it hit enough markers to make me really love it. i cried at least 4 times.

i can't stop talking about how beautiful my friends are. this week i was just chilling outside doing some yardwork and a friend drove by, pulled up and asked if i wanted to go to a pool party. um YES. today two friends drove by at the exact same time, randomly stopping by to give me things they had for me (one was a sweet new vest and another was some veggie oil for our car!). i have never been surrounded by so many amazing, friendly, generous, fun, people! and really, i fully believe that the best is yet to come!

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