Thursday, July 07, 2011


i am rather lazy. it's taken me a week to get this day in the life up and on here. forgive me. this was actually the first DITL that i've done on my anniversary!

DITL June 29, 2011

this is what i woke up to. a dog sitting on my bed/on me. it wasn't terribly early or anything but just wow. i don't want to wake up with a dog sitting on me. david had gone to work, the kids were downstairs eating apples, and watching tv.

i get up and the consensus was that everyone wanted pancakes. i made some delicious banana sunflower seed pancakes. DUDE SO CRUNCHY AND YUM!

while the pancakes are grilling up i take a look around and can't help but notice what a wreck the kitchen is.

so i clean it.

we eat breakfast slowly, then i set augustine up with some online gaming at while went upstairs to get dressed and brush my teeth.

my room is a mess but i am not the least bit mad because the night before david had given me my anniversary present: he is redoing our closet for me! so boxes and do-dads are all around the room in prep for construction. whatevs.

bam, dressed.

the dog is being emo and wanting some exercise which means either a long walk or going to the dog park. so we head off for a long walk. there are two ravines in our neighborhood, one of which actually has a road running through it.

so we head off for a two mile walk through it. it is a beautiful morning and the kids love tromping around in the foliage.

we get back and putter around for a while, then friends show up randomly! YAY! beth and jack end up staying for lunch which was an asparagus stir fry recipe i found on

and it was GOOOOOD.

after lunch we said goodbye to our friends, the kids go to their rooms for quiet time. i get my workout clothes on and head to the basement for 45 minutes on the treadmill (30 running, 10 doing mega inclines) while watching an episode of Lost. (i miss that show so hardcore.)

head upstairs, shower, and put my face on. since it's my anniversary and all i should probably get purty for our date.

oh hai thar new haircut.

i have one hour left in the kids quiet time to do some actual WORK.

complete with snacks


they get around at 2:30 and we go for a walk to the co-op to buy eggs but not before tying the dog up in the front yard. she pouts that she isn't coming with us. it is HOT and when we get home i give them popcicles and hose the dog off. awwww yeeeaaah.

augustine and i are endeavoring to beat lego star wars the complete saga on the wii so we spend some quality time doing that until it's time for david to come home from work. i smooch him and give him my present for our anniversary (a handmade clock made from a vintage mercedes hubcap for his man cave.)

then we pile in the car and take the kids to meet my mom because they are staying with my parents while we go out on our date.

we wind up at this adorable mad men-like diner downtown called little palace. it was affordable, delicious, and so cute!

after filling our bellies we went to lowes to start scheming our new closet. this was WAY more fun than i expected!

we came home and talked for a long time then hunkered down and watched bridesmaids. SO FUNNY! i finished off the night with a few chapters from one of my many, many books on my side table.

i feel so blessed that david is not only who is Is and is To Me but his peripheral blessings like his handiness and ability to dream with me. david could take apart a car or house and put it back together and that makes like, no sense to me because my mind doesnt work that way. i feel so balanced by him in countless ways. i can't believe it's been 9 years! i think i could be with him another 99 and not get tired of his laugh.


Sarah said...

happy belated anniversary! is david going grey in just the one area of his awesome beard? if so, oh that makes his beard even more awesome!

jenny mae. said...

yup! they are sporadic throughout but a patch right there for sure

madelyn said...

hahah... hey Jenny, do you get most of your recipes from your cookbook or that foodgawker site? or do you just make them up? I'm trying to learn to be a good cook... but I fear I'm failing at it :/

jenny mae. said...

it greatly varies. you can't go wrong with anyone on martha stewart's website and food gawker really.

madelyn said...