Thursday, August 11, 2011

food and the force

i can't remember the last time i got groceries. 2? 3 weeks? i got "dinner party" groceries before the harry potter party but that doesn't count because i bought nothing else but what was for that. i have occasionally gotten eggs and milk at the co-op but anyways i have no idea how we've been managing or what we've been eating. today for lunch i made a very limited lo mein for the kids and finally was like WHERE IS ALL THE FOOD!? only to realize the above mentioned. i got MEGA GROCERIES ($200 freaking dollars!) and my children were running a little wild using "the force" to open and close the automatic doors near the check out. i always go to the same check out guy if he's working. he's a very sweet young college aged guy who always remembers any detail i share with him. he greeted me today with "how did the harry potter party go?" which just made me smile because usually check out people are bare minimum talkers just doing their job, which is fine but it's refreshing to see someone cheerful and all that.

meals for the week:
sandwiches with corn on the cob
black bean burgers w/ salad
meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes
creamy baked chicken taquitos
shepherd's pie w/ quinoa salad
stir fry

at the star wars marathon

speaking of the force. two weeks ago david, augustine, and i went to awesomefest. (which is a bike, movie, and tattoo triathlon). naturally aug and i didn't do the cycling or tattoos but we did do the movie marathon, which was star wars! augustine made it until almost 11 pm and only missed about 20 minutes of the last movie. it was pretty rad.


lflips said...

What's Mujadara?

jenny mae. said...

mujadara is caramelized onions mixed with lentils, brown rice, and cumin. so simply yet so delicious and filling.