Thursday, January 12, 2012

shoe talk


i've never been super girly in many respects but all of a sudden i really am interested in those things that go on your feet! within the last year i've bought FIVE new pair, which is approximately 4.5 more than i usually buy per year. they are as follows:

Jeffrey Campbell "Raid" shoes in white
Paul Green "Jano" in black
Jeffrey Campbell "Be Well" in red
and then today i bought some Jeffrey Campbell "Revolver" shoes in paprika
earlier in the year i went shopping with maggie and bought a pair of adorable but ill-fitting black shoes that i've never worn BUT STILL. FIVE PAIRS OF SHOES. in my defense not a single pair was full price. heck every single pair was bought at more than 50% off! still it feels excessive but kind of fun.


Madi said...

recentl I discovered Iron Fist brand...I do love those shoes, all's dangerous to have such sales here in Spain right now!!!

Suzi C said...

I have Swansong by Jeffrey Campbell. I love them a bit more than all the shoes I have, put together.