Monday, April 16, 2012

Augustine is 7!

Birthday breakfast for Augustine!
and right on the heels of his sister's 5th birthday, augustine turned 7 yesterday! it is amazing to me that so many little nuances of my life go by and my brain just files away the details until they become almost like they happened to someone else and yet birthing my children i remember with amazing, vivid detail. i remember my water sprung a leak right on the midwifes table before an examination. i was mortified, thinking i had peed a little and ran out of the room to go to the bathroom and compose myself. but a little litmus test later my jaw dropped realizing shiz just got real and i was about to me a mother. david and i nervously walked around my parents house and i found 14 four leaf clovers. we sat in total silence watching ray trying to distract ourselves from the "deadline" of when we had to return to the hospital (10 pm). bags packed i said goodbye to my parents and we shuffled into the night and to the hospital. the next day at 4:14 PM out came a screaming little boy.

he rang in his birthday the same way i did my 30th, with a breakfast at Jack & Benny's.


Madi said...

Happy birthday to Augustine! And, happy anniversary for his parents, specially the mummy, that made him in nine months! That's awesome. My girl is about to be 2 years and I know that feeling, I can almost smell her hair when she looked at me for the first time. Congrats family!!!

Sarah said...

I stumbled upon your Xanga WAY back when you were fighting mastitis and pumping like a beast with Augustine. I was researching cloth diapering, thinking about what I wanted to do when we finally decided to have kids. Our first son was born kinda traumatically via c-section and I continued reading your blog. After Olive's homebirth, you gave me hope. You sparked thoughts, information and resources for me that have lead to 2 HBAC's and a healed life for me. Every year when I see your posts about your kiddo's birthdays I want to tell you how helpful you and your blogging have been to people. so, Thanks Jenny!

jenny mae. said...

WOW!! You have been around a long time! Oy vey the pumping with that child! Worth it but so taxing on my mind and sanity from lack of sleep! I'm so glad you've experienced healing in your life!