Monday, September 17, 2012

Long time no post!

augustine is now in second grade, and olive started kindergarten! justlikethat my babes are further out of the nest. this time during the day has afforded me much coveted quiet time to work. i've been working from home since olive was an infant and i kept reminding myself when it felt overwhelming that someday, SOMEDAY it would get normalize when they would go to school. well, someday is now! i have yet to find a daily routine but i quickly realize that i am a morning person (surprising to me!) as far as production go. from the hours of 8-noon i can get as much done as the rest of the hours of the day combined. so i feverishly work on reports while the dishes are soaking or laundry is running or muffins are baking and post-lunch i start getting distracted, sluggish, and bored with work and it takes a lot of effort to stay on task.

me aside, the kids are thriving in school. the first day went almost seamlessly. augustine's gifted program officially started this week with a mini course in physics and aero dynamics. he was excited to get hopping. olive has TWO boys fight for her affection and those two boys have yet to find a place where they work together as a trio and are not constantly pulling for her undivided attention. what first world problems eh?

"mom i think henry likes me."
how do you know if a boy likes you?
"because he kissed me right on the mouth!"

well that settled it. david went into full DADDY MODE and took her on her first date, complete with dressing up and presenting her with a flower when he "picked her up." too freaking cute. she put on her favorite dress and they went to dinner and a movie. gosh i love that man.


the children had their first soccer game and i think olive is going to be an amazing goalie. she had 5 stops, though no one scored on either kid.

in conclusion, FALL IS ALMOST HERE.


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Melanie Routhier said...

What a great post, this gives me hope that one day my life will normalize too. I'm supposed to go back to work in January and I'm frantically trying to find a way to work from home so I can raise my son myself. (no daycare!)

P.S. I love the date with Daddy!