Monday, September 24, 2012

tears or near tears


last year (or approximately) we started trying to get the kids up to date on their vaccines. augustine got some when he was a baby, but selectively and olive didn't have any until after 2 or 3. oh you think you'll remember and keep all of these Super Important Details of your kids life cemented in your brain but really, you won't at all! they will get filed away and you'll wonder what the whole freaking hoopla was all about. do your research, find your path, and don't be afraid to dig your heels in OR know when to give up a fight even if it makes you feel like an idiot for being so passionate about it at one time. i'm still not budging on the hepatitis shots. ANYWAY as of thursday augustine is all caught up (except aforementioned naturally) and oh guys it was hell!

with most hard choices comes a trade off and holy crap am i getting what i paid for by delaying. meaning the kid is old enough to freak out but not old enough to show a lot of self control about his fears. so let me set the scene before i keep rolling with this. i'm sitting in the waiting room and from behind one of the doors comes the unmistakable peeling of a baby getting circumcised. i'm talking SHRIEKING, WAILING, pissed off baby screams. so my stomach is already reeling from that noise. a few minutes later the mother, holding little, angry infant walks out of the room freaking out, crying, pacing, and flees to the parking lot. so baby is crying, mom is crying, receptionist is paging a nurse to come assist them to calm down, the nurse from their room is running out to the parking lot, the dad is looking helpless. i mean this sounds like this family is having the worst day ever.

i am not kidding you when i say this baby screamed for the entire freaking hour we were there. the peel of a baby screaming is a unique torture let me tell you. so i have my children plus a girl i babysit after school with us. i am all wound up and stomach sick from the baby screams by the time we get back to the room. after a short discussion, update to the kids stats, it's go-time for shots. olive LAUGHS the whole time and goes first. augustine meanwhile has backed himself into the corner yelling, crying, and digging his feet into to ground so i am having to physically heft him onto the table. this after a 5 minute discussion about how he has control here. "do you want to sit or lie down?", "do you want the shots in the leg or arm?", "which shot goes where?" etc. nope the answer to everything was NOOOO!!!. so i heft my 50 lbs 7 yr old onto the table and have to hold him down while he bicycle kicks for his life all the while a newborn is shrieking through the wall and i'm babysitting AND I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW.

eventually we get out of there and we're all exhausted, sweaty, and tears or near tears. well except olive who honey badgered the whole thing.


pom. said...

oh mama. my sympathies!!! that sounds very, very stressful and as a pediatric nurse that causes tears all the time I can say that it sucks. we do NOT circumcise IN the office though. Glad you guys are done with that for a bit.

lflips said...

Olive sounds like such a riot! Poor Augustine, I remember reacting the same way when I was a child.