Friday, June 30, 2006

anniversary pt.II

last night our good friends austin and maggie baxter watched auggie while we went out for our anniversary. mmm chipotle. we also went to go see Xmen, which we both thought was great and had lots of unexpected twists and turns in it. man that jean grey is a freak in this one. anyways so not only did i receive a beautiful card but he also bought me something i have been wanting for a long time!

he is from norway so we want to name him something native. yet to be determined.

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Lacy said...

Hello Jenny. I'm Maria and Duane's friend, Lacy. We've heard so much about you guys and seen all you tattoos, so I thought I'd say hello. Linked up with you from Maria's site. Anywho.... I've been enjoying your son's pictures on the Marshall's fridge and think he's beautiful. Also, we have a close friend from Finland and he said that the Swede's always tell a joke about a Norweigan named Ollie (sp?) ( sounds like Julie with out the J) Loved the Gnome and just wanted to say hello! -Lacy