Tuesday, July 04, 2006

fourth of july thoughts

ok we gave aug his first "shearing" two days ago. really i just wanted to trim up his baby mullet, cut around his ears, and trim up his bangs. wait, can boys have bangs?



and a few more just because he was such a doll tonight.

best friends for life!

ok i lied. baby tad and augustine are best friends for life. in this picture baby tad was playing patty cake with him. how stinking adorable is that! this is the first picture i've taken where you can actually see his top teeth i think.

man the lies just keep coming. lovey is augustines best friend. this time i mean it. gesh look like david much in this one? dna doesnt lie!

we david decided against going out to see any fireworks this year. i was sort of bummed but for the greater good (and by greater i mean augustine getting to sleep in a timely manner) i have made peace with it. i still tip toed upstairs and peeked at the sky lighting up off in the distance. that's about as patriotic as i get these days. i don't dislike america, but i find myself utterly frustrated at times with how some things are done. so this year instead of welling up with pride and sniffling a little during "God Bless the USA" as i do every year, i shall instead make this day a new years of sorts. in the sense that i want to stop thinking about how great my country is and rather start thinking about how great it COULD BE. there is a calling on all of our lives i believe, an absolute contract with other human beings for us to give back and do good and all that other sentimental stuff. i need to start contemplating what i can do for the world instead of what i can get from it.

oh and david had the day off but it was my day to get up with aug and let him sleep in. aug limped his way through breakfast and wanted to go right back down by 8. so i crawled back into bed and when i rolled over again and looked at the clock it was NOON. my husband loves me!!

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