Wednesday, July 05, 2006

life lessons

if cleanliness is next to godliness than i am demonic because i just:
- gardened without gloves on
- got puked and projectile snot-sneezed on by augustine

last night david was pulling a glass off the top shelf of one of our cabinets and the whole thing just came crashing down breaking dishes and mugs, etc. everywhere. arg. so this weekend we've got to make it to pottery barn and buy more of our dishes. we've got mugs a plenty though. thankfully there is a pottery barn outlet just 45 mins away! AANNND they have a gap, banana republic, gymboree, oshkosh, as well as this great store i stumbled onto called "The Cosmetics Company Store" (i think) that sells discontinued shades of name brand make up. when my favorite shade of clinique lipstick went off the market i bought 5 tubes! sadly my mac lipstick shade was discontined and i could only find ONE and it was off of ebay. anyways so this weekend will be a rare shopping excursion i feel.

also i think we have decided to put a full on garden in our backyard in the spring and im feeling really intimidated. i dont know what im doing! sure i can grow flowers but a vegetable/fruit garden is different! so please please please oh green thumbed friends of mine share with me your secret wisdom, good books for novices, websites, etc. so far we are considering planting:


green peppers


yeah its a huge list but truly these are just things we are wanting to plant. i have no clue how easy or hard some of those are either. i figure if im going to be a stay at home mom i really should know how to do more around the house than just cook and clean well. my next endeavours are to contribute by gardening and sewing. gesh im sounding utterly like mrs. cleaver arent i? right now im scouring and to read all about vegetable gardens. the latter especially is helpful.

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Maria. said...

Hey Jenny-
I am just trying : sage, lavendar and rosemary this year. What I've learned is that water is important. It is so hot out here, above 100 last week. But sage and rosemary like sun. Sage needs more water than rosemary.

When we bought our home oregano and basil were grown here and they both reappeared for 3 seasons now. The oregano didn't come back this year. It is fun.

One other lesson I learned. Bunnies like lettuce. Bunnies multiply like, well bunnies around here and they completely destroyed my crop.

Tomatoes are pretty easy to grow too. Peppers are easy too. It will be fun to teach Augustine about the different plants too next year.