Monday, July 24, 2006

my day every day

yesterday we went to my friend Alexa and Joe's wedding. It was really nice. oh i love weddings. thankfully one of my old best friends, Christine, was there too so we sat together and laughed our heads off the whole night. We forgot to eat before we went and all three of us were about to chew our arms off before we finally got to sit down to dinner. the three of us (augustine was at my parents house for the night) so we're sitting at the table and the bride's brother pulls his wheelchair up next to david, whom he has met once or twice. now let me digress just slightly and say that her brother was in a car accident a few years ago and now he has some permanent brain damage. because of this fact he is a bit awkward and/or hard to be around sometimes. so the scene is my friend christine, then me, then david, followed by the bride's brother who proceedes to tell bold face lies about how we almost were a thing (which is really discusting to me seriously) and then said to david - and im not paraphrasing here "you are the ugliest mother f*%!er i've ever seen". literally i leaned towards him and said "umm WHAT did you just say?" and he repeated himself. i threw down my napkin and said "ok we are leaving NOW" and told the brother how totally inappropriate, mean, and just plain wrong it was to say that to david. yes i can't be fully mad at the guy because of his state but gesh this sort of thing happens every single fricking time we are around this guy. i kissed Alexa and hugged Joe and then we bolted. ugh way to ruin my time

one of david's good friends/co-workers is moving away next week and they were having a cookout party for him. we got there rather late, as the wedding itself didnt start until 5:30 so we didnt get to the party until the food was cold and it had morphed into a "party". we walked in to a cloud of pot smoke. not judging or anything but that sort of thing just makes me really uncomfortable. but david and i - in our wedding attire still ill add - played badminton. i really need to play more often. i feel like some stepford wife when i play it, but its not as if i have on some weird tennis outfit or anything. its just such a funny frou frou game in my mind, like croquet. i will miss pete (friend/coworker of davids) i got surprisingly sad saying goodbye imagining, realistically so, that it might well be the last time i ever see him again.

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Maria. said...

I don't know what I would have done. But I know what I wish I would have done! :)