Saturday, July 29, 2006

sneaky sneaky

we invited my parents over under the guise of having a little cookout for lunch but really it was to bamboozle them and tell them we are expecting. david put the test along with the EPT box on the bathroom counter and during their visit said "oh man. you guys have got to see what happened in the bathroom the other day!" and then they went in and this is what happened.

surprise video!

i was lucky enough to catch my brother josh and soon-to-be-sister-in-law brienne at their house to tell them the news face to face. though sadly everyone else had to be told over the phone. with augustine we just made phone calls (literally minutes after taking the test i'll add) and wanted to at least try to do some face time if we could with others. my mom's birthday/party is in two weeks but we just couldnt wait that long to spill the beans.

so at the end of march we'll be hopefully meeting our new little beaner.


Anonymous said...

Poor Josh and Brienne. They finally get #1 couple status with their engagement, and then Jenny and David go and "one-up" them. What kind of crazy competition is this?! (speaking of ridiculous competition, you must read the book by David Sedaris entitled, "Holidays On Ice". It features 5 short stories relating to the Christmas season. The last story describes competition between 2 families [picture the Griswold's on crack] and their quest to be the most selfless family.) This is one of's favorite.

Anonymous said...

Oh! And congrats on AUG 2! (not the date; the new baby)