Tuesday, August 15, 2006

choices choices

tonight we are interviewing one of the three possible midwives/practices that will partner with us for this pregnancy and delivery. im oddly a bit nervous. i think its just because i so deeply want to make the right/perfect choice. to me not just anyone will do - i mean i can't just have some random person witness one of the most personal and pivotal moments of our lives you know? some people can just go anywhere and thats fine, but for us it really has to feel like a partnership, emotional investment on both parts, and a really safe environment emotionally. so begins the interview process. my brother and his fiance (aka uncle hep and aunt bean) are coming over to watch the little wrecking ball of a toddler while we are at the consultation. God love them, but next week they are watching him again for another interview! september 9th is the last interview, that one is with kathy mitchell whom i feel we will end up with to be honest. tonight is CHOICE and next wednesday is professionals for womens health. im already utterly biased against going to PWH based on countless nay says from people ive talked to on the internet about them, but i will give all three a fair shot.

my everyday and every night with auggie. snuggling...

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