Friday, August 11, 2006


yesterday was such a gorgeous day outside! my parents and i have decided to make an annual excursion to the Ohio State Fair with Auggie. oddly enough my dad and i both had on the exact same outfit we did last year!! weird! the highlight of the day for me was getting der dutchman food (local amish restaurant) and sitting in the air conditioning for an hour. seriously im pregnant and was walking around in the heat. (don't pity me, i was just being a baby) auggie literally squealed when we went to the petting zoo.

a little girl gave him some feed and a goat ate it out of his hand. he couldn't have been more happy.

this cow licked him!

auggie loves animals so we briefly went to a horseshow. but he wasnt into it

clowning around at the fair

so so tired on the way home

anyways we had a wonderful day day of eating delicious food. hehe

im feeling oddly not that pregnant compared to my pregnancy with augustine. mostly im tired but it's intermittent now thankfully (at least it has been for the last few days), nausea comes and goes but i'm not even gagging on my toothbrush that often. mostly i feel some food aversions and an urge to pee more than often. hey, im not complaining - with augustine i felt like i had food poisoning for 5 weeks. who knows though, we're only 7 weeks into this thing, the worst could very well be to come.

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