Monday, August 21, 2006

picture post

my dad sleeps just like this. it cracked me up. i really think i take too many pictures of my sleeping kid. is it just me or do other people do that too?

i was downstairs washing diapers and i came upstairs and found him "talking" on the phone and sitting in one of our chairs. its funny because he never ever sits in those chairs. plus he was just jabbering to himself.

we discover all sorts of things in the dirt! caterpillars, bugs, pinecones, balls of dirt, flowers, etc. he loves it.

he found two pinecones (hes obsessed with pinecones *shrug*)

he then gave them to me to hold while he traded up for two balls of dirt. these make wonderful, dirty explosions on the sidewalk we discovered moments later.

he was trying to peek through the fence to see the neighbors dog.

oh and today he woke up really early (6:30 am) and so david got up with him and fed him breakfast. around 7 he plopped him in bed with me and we watched the wiggles until daddy left for work around 7:30. at which point augustine got really upset seeing him leave (he was away all weekend and missed his papa) so he did this tuck and roll maneuver off the bed and smacked his head on our side table! he has a one inch gash under his nose and it bled. oh man i was bawling.

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