Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ways i know my husband loves me

ways i know my husband loves me:

david hates incense (and grateful dead and pink floyd which i love love love) he lets me enjoy all of them even though he hates them. . i cannot tell you how many days per week i come downstairs with auggie for breakfast and find the dishwasher emptied sans whatever was needed to make david's breakfast and lunch he packs for work. that sacrifice makes me know he loves me

we have differing opinions on OJ. truly ive never met an orange juice that had too much pulp for me, and he never one with too little. and yet magically pulp filled orange juice makes its way into our home of it's own accord. every year he lets me pick out the calendar that hangs in out kitchen (this one is old food ads from the 1950-60s). he values my opinion and i like that.

david works hard to provide for our family. we both want to be able to allow me to stay at home with augustine and bebe number two. (oh and dont for a second believe that im ACTUALLY showing. for real im only 10 weeks and you'd never know it) his hard work makes me feel confident.

oh and i really should add that there a million more ways too. like he cleans the cat box all by himself when im pregnant or feeding our babies (you know, because you shouldnt do that while youre preggo or nursing) and last night we laid in bed together and did a word search and snuggled. it was adorable. he knows how i like arizona green tea in a can much better than in a plastic bottle, oh and all of our inside jokes, notes left on the mirror, him running bathwater for me, and getting me a drink when im thirsty without even asking. sometimes he'll just shove me in our bed (but in a nice way) and flip off the lights and say "take a nap honey!" and ill pretend i dont want to but within minutes im all ZZzzzz... and i love it that he knows when im sleepy. plus he lets me use his library card and always picks up the books for me (you know because big brother is watching and i refuse to get my own card thusly)

how do you feel loved?

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Izzy said...

My husband never judges me or the way I look. He constantly says i'm beautiful, even when my acne is out of control or when I have a full afro going on. Sweet men are hard to find, but I think we got lucky :)