Saturday, September 09, 2006

jumping right in.

we're officially doing a home birth!

the consultation with kathy went sooo well. everything just flowed so comfortably between david and i and kathy and her apprentice kristin. all of our questions fell on eager, knowledgable and attentive ears unlike the last consultation we had. so after about an hour of yapping david and i caught eyes and he gave me a little nod which i understood to mean he was on board and that i could vocalize that we felt comfortable committing to her services and the home birth. i got really excited, well even MORE excited at that point. so i said we were feeling comfortable moving forward and we dove into the paperwork and peeing in a cup and all that. after a finger prick (i said i was feeling a little lightheaded/having headaches) my iron was revealed to be a little low so she gave me some natural supplements to replace the sythetic ones (slow fe) i had been taking. she said the slow fe really was just too ineffective in absorbtion not to mention it was really tough on ones body. i stepped on the scale to reveal i have lost 6 lbs! i was pretty surprised considering i havnt been throwing up or anything. so im starting now at 114 lbs and im going to work my tail off to gain more than i did with augustine (which was only 23 lbs.). augustine was of course fully developed and fine at birth but he was very small (6 lbs 2 oz). not that i believe in those dumb charts but he was in the 5th percentile according to them. i'd love to get at least to an average baby size of 8 lbs. actually they feel the average baby is more like 9 lbs. at least the ones they deliver anyways. in the last month alone they said almost all of them have been 10 - 11 lbs. which they didnt expect from me given my history of small babies but still, it's inspiring from a nutrition standpoint to build such girth.

my next appointment is october 5th.

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