Wednesday, September 06, 2006

gotta jet

we have our midwife consultation with Kathy Mitchell on saturday. we are stoked and pretty sure we are going to find her a great fit with us just based on things we've heard and read from friends and a few phone conversations together. basically our plan is to get our questions out of the way and then maybe ask her if we might have a moment alone to talk things over. if at that time david and i both feel comfortable with her we are then going to give the green light and start our prenatal care right then (she actually suggested this route because we live 1+ hr away and it might make it easier than going back and forth) i think ill ask her if we can do abbreviated prenatal care, as really i wouldnt care if i received hardly any at all. i do enjoy hearing the heartbeat but im not going to trek an hour just for that once a month. so maybe every 6-8 weeks will be our schedule. ill just follow my insticts on that one, which is usually the right choice once mixed with some prayer. mostly i believe instict is just God's voice anyways. our good friends maggie and austin are going to come over and watch the little wrecking ball while we are gone. they really are too good to us. i feel like i dont give enough back to them.

austin and augustine

i LOVE this sweater on him. i think he looks like jena here!

gearing up for the ohio state game on saturday. go buckeyes!

oh we went and got augustine two new toys. i realized that none really challenged him mentally so we got two that were above him developmentally, including this great pirate ship from little people. this bird squawks and sings pirate songs. he loves it!

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Maria. said...

Duane is concerned with the placement of "Ohio State." But hey, at least he has it where it counts!