Monday, October 02, 2006

best day ever

today is pretty much the greatest day for augustine. ive been feeling a little like ive been having him on too short of a leash with what i let him eat. i know that can't unring the bell so to speak so our goal has been to offer him basically only healthy foods until he figures out on his own that certain other things exist. what you do or dont let your kid eat doesnt say jack about your worth as a parent naturally though. so today when he woke up from his first nap i thought "what the hey, im gonna let him have a cookie" at first he didnt even know what to do with it. he licked it a little and then just put it on the table and walked away. so i told him he would like it if he would just take a bite. i mean i think we've made it a year and a half without an oreo, i can stop feeling guilty.


so then we looked out our window and discovered (what i already could hear was preventing me from taking a nap ill add) that a water pipe had broken across the street and all kinds of constuction workers were out front. he got very excited and we put on our robeez and off we went. one of them saw how excited he was and invited him to get a closer look at the digger. i dont know if i've ever seen him happier! mud! big trucks! water! they had opened up the fire hydrant and it was spraying everywhere. thankfully today was 70 (it's been much colder recently) so i let him play in it. again, eccstatic noises and dancing. it seems like there are no other little little kids in our neighborhood that are home with a parent or babysitter during the day besides him. the older kids are in school naturally. so augustine had the run of the place all to himself and loved every minute of it. several of the construction workers came over to see him dancing in the spray. he gave one guy a high five (i was very proud because david has been working on this with him) so now thuroughly soaked like a wet doll we went home and got new clothes on and played.

also i got this activity center last week at a consignment shop for a mere $16. he loves it

kitty/papa lovin'

we dont have an appointment scheduled for our ultrasound but im already counting down the relative days. im just shy of 15 weeks so in about 3-4 weeks we'll go in and find out what we are having. im feeling team pink on this one. in other pregnant news, my prenatal is making me sick to my stomach. every time i take it i can feel it starting to digest and it instantly brings on nausea. im too far into this to blame it on hormones, which i have up until this point. i talked to kathy (midwife) and she said that is a sign that it's too strong for me. the nausea coupled with the fact that i can smell it all over my body points to this. if youve ever taken an all-natural vitamin you know the smell is a lot less than desireable too. ew. i mean i dont smell like swamp thing mind you, but i can tell a difference. so i got some liquid vitamins from my dads clinic (hes a chiropractor) and had my first dose of it today. just as nasty going down but no nausea! liquid is better for such a situation because i can control the dose naturally. i mean ill tough it out for the betterment of the bebe but i'd rather not almost barf taking my vitamins everyday.

thursday during aug's first nap i heard a thunk thunk thunk. i thought it was our cats (they can be noisey when they rough house together) so i rolled over and went back to sleep. when i went in his room after his nap to get him out of his crib i saw that he had reached over and cleared off the top shelf of his bookcase. that might not sound like much but in order for him to do that he would have had to lean over A LOT to reach the far side books. so we decided it was big boy bed time! we took down his crib and waved bye bye.

his new thing is waving at EVERYTHING when he is done with it. when i flush his poop down the toilet he says "bye bye poo poo!" and does the same to the fish in our koi pond when we come inside "bye bye iish!". the best is when hes done eating "bye bye! all done!" or bath "bye da-wah!" anyways so he waved bye bye to his crib. we let him play with around in his new bed for about 45 minutes just to get that exploration phase sort of done with and then when bed time came we thought all would go well. WRONG. haha well not totally but he didnt know what the heck was going on when we laid him down and said goodnight. he cried for about 10 minutes but david laid with him until he calmed down. aug just isnt one to cry really over anything so 10 minutes was a big deal to us. we took bets on whether he would find a way to fall out and whether when we went to bed if he would be sleeping on the floor or not.

i won.

but just now i walked in during his nap and he was conked out in front of his door. i moved him into his bed and he was okay with that.

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