Friday, October 13, 2006

whole lot to update about

had a midwife appointment last week. i just love the drive there. we saw - i kid you not - about 3 DOZEN deer. it was magnificent and instantly made me want to move out of the city, but not really. nothing too eventful but we did get to finally hear the heartbeat. i was getting sort of antsy since most people have had at least one ultrasound and heard the heartbeat by now. see, alternative birthing plans do have some drawbacks. as soon as she put the doppler on my stomach and counted the heartrate she said "so what are you going to name her?" and we all had a good laugh about it. by the way it is a wives tale that a higher heartbeat means you are having a girl, lower means your having a boy. anyways- ours was 160 and just for silly reference sake, augustines was consistently 152. *shrug*

we are still planning on having an ultrasound but since it isnt medically necessary insurance won't cover it. so we are going to go to one of those "vanity picture" places that do 3D pictures and make music videos, greeting cards, etc. etc. of your ultrasound. though ive already called and clearly told them that all i want is a regular ol' black and white, 5 minute gender determination ultrasound. none of that fancy stuff needed nor wanted. i mean who really wants a mug with a picture of our fetus on it really? haha

oh we weighed augustine last night too on her scale. since we don't take him to the doctor for well-baby checks, and he's never been to a sick appointment i had no idea what to expect. hes a plump 27 lbs and he'll be 18 months in 2 more days.

we only made it one night in the big boy bed. every night since he has woken up seconds if not minutes after i/david leave/s the room. i think he just doesnt get that it's a bed because for almost his entire life his bed has had "walls" on it. he won't cosleep either. instead just crying and sitting up and wanting to leave. so off i go down the hall holding his hand while in his other is the always precious Lovey. (really, he's so special it needs to be capitalized...) the issue has been that we already tore down his old crib and i'm not about to put it back up. he needs to transition sometime right? so now the boy sleeps in his pack n play and when we go to bed later in the evening we put him in his big boy bed. thats how we transitioned him from his swing (which i never thought he'd give up!) to his crib. just waking up there and not being freaked is a positive association. the alternative is fighting with him to get him to FALL asleep there which so far has been a lot of negative association. we have a crib for the new baby but i just dont want him to get settled into another crib only for us to slowly try to coax him out of it and into a toddler bed in a few weeks.

also he's been going in his potty and im really happy about it. of course he only goes if i say "if you go potty you can have an M&M." commence flow! its quite comical because he will say "M?" whenever we go into the bathroom and i remind him that we only get one if we go potty. then he drags it out of the corner and wants to try to go. its really rather funny but in that only-a-parent-gets-it sort of way.

oh our cats have fleas and im half freaked, half totally perplexed as to how they got them. they dont go outside nor are around any other animals. so add to that the fact that david has now worked the entire weekend and its 9:45 pm and he still isnt home and im not in the best of moods. how did an 8-5 job turn into working so much overtime! it stinks sometimes being on salary for such occassions because you dont get any sort of bonus for working so hard. gosh i love david. OH and i got some bulbs from breck's today (from holland!) they were alliums by the way. anyways they totally skimped and put one less in there than i ordered so when i just went around planting them according to my plan i now have a gap at the end of the row. grr.. at least auggie and i got to enjoy lunch with my brother and his fiance brienne this week. that was fun. my brother josh bought me subway and it was divine. pregnancy makes me so hungry i swear.

today is so stinking cold! i think ill start a fire and drink some hot tea. there's a chance for snow tomorrow! i hope its not this cold next week when we go to the pumpkin patch.

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