Tuesday, October 17, 2006

videos and buns

i have no complaints at all, augustine is usually in my arms or on my lap maybe 2-3 hours per day. thats his favorite place in the world for just about every activity from reading books to watching a video, singing songs, just talking etc. on the rare occasion where i just dont want him in my lap it's been tough on him. i mean we all have moments (especially attachment parents i think) where we are just "touched out" and have reached out limit on physical contact with people for the day. it sort of makes me sad that soon augustine won't have as much freedom to sit on my lap as he did because of my growing belly. already it puts a lot of pressure on me, but it's bearable as long as he isnt right on top of my uterus.

speaking of said bun in said oven, the baby went nuts last night after i ate a big, delicious salad. i always make the exact same salad, and have ever since high school. mixed greens, carrots, peas, grilled chicken, sunflower seeds, ranch dressing. sometimes i add other stuff if i have it like celery or blueberries but that is always the base. this pregnancy i have a "salad tooth", which is funny to say/type. better than a sweet tooth! though ive never really had much of that, just a salty one. mmm salty goodness.

as per request here are a few videos of auggie talking or signing or whatever. these are all really short.

video one
video two
video three
video four
video five

david doesnt want to tell anyone our selected names, though ive already told a tiny tiny group who i know will keep the names mum. he's an all or none sort of guy with this but i think the most fun part is to keep it from our family (haha really the only people reading this!)

saturday at kat and ryan's wedding i was talking to a woman i'd never met, i think someone on ryan's side, an aunt perhaps. anyways we were talking about me being pregnant, she overheard me talking to a friend about it, and she asked how far along i was. just over four months and she was all "you REALLY need to be showing more" yeah ill get right on that. she then went on and told me how i need to eat more. wth??? has this started already in this pregnancy!?

sunday i went to a baby shower for my good friend michelle. oh i love michelle, she is due on my birthday and that excites me very much for some reason. she hasnt let the name slip but i just know she and colin are the sort to pick out something creative and unique. for some reason feel she is going to name him something like Lake or maybe Rain. anyways so all the food was so utterly delicious. pumpkin chili, rueben dip, bruschetta, homemade cider warming on the stove, fondu with apples and bread, etc. etc. yeah i think i ate maybe 2 dozen bruschetta pieces. i thought i was being all sly but turns out i wasnt, because at one point beth (gracious hostess/cook) busted me and said "Jenny's eating the bruscetta again!". it was pretty funny but i just.could.not.stop eating them. maria, back me up - its hard to stop a train. and by train i mean craving. and now because im pregnant and wanting more im stalking olivegarden.com and drooling, wishing david were not on his fast (selfishly) so we could go there for a late dinner.

anyways the shower was great. sometimes i get bummed out with my agoraphobia and it holding me back. its part of my life and i've accepted it and come to terms with it as much as a person can. i'm tired of asking why and these days i more just ask for continued acceptance and avenues and outlets for me to be with people i love without too much strain. sunday was one of those days. it felt so good to see my old friends in a way i can hardly express. before i even hit the sidewalk beth came running out and threw her arms around me and told me how much she and nick (husband) had been praying that i would be able to make it. it was definitely one of those times where you don't know how much you needed to hear that/be encouraged until it happened. its so refreshing to have friends, even ones you dont see a lot, who not just care for you but interceed for you even when you're not around. is interceed one of those words only christians use (like bless?) ? what i mean is that she and others do things purposefully to try to make a way for me to overcome the stumbling blocks in my life. this isnt a christian thing, its a LOVE thing and we all should do it mutually for one another more often.

and now im off to slave away at editing this crazy family cookbook and try to get it published before the holiday deadline. i didnt realize what i was undertaking with this project until it was too late! it'll be worth it though.

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