Thursday, November 09, 2006

horrible night

we hit a wee deer on the way to our midwife appointment tonight. i was heaving and crying my eyes out. i was impressed with augustine's sensitivity to my emotional state actually. he sat quietly in the backseat and several minutes later empathetically said "mommy?" and i turned around and assured him mommy was okay. (even if i wasnt) i just couldnt stop thinking and wondering about if the deer suffered or if it died instantly. i begged God for it to happen instantly but i couldnt possibly know the answer. no damage to the car. just my overwhelmingly heavy heart.

oh yeah and an uneventful midwife appointment. ive gained 2 lbs. i truly TRULY was expecting at least a 7 lbs gain with all the halloween candy. i was shocked. heard the heartbeat which always lifts my spirit, i needed that.

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Maria. said...

Jenny-did you hear about mom and Ken hitting a deer too? Something must be in the air over there! Congrats on the 2lb weight gain, can't say that happened often with me but when it did man I was sooo excited! Usually the nurse wouldn't say anything which usually made my BP and Heartrate go up, maybe that is what happened with Jena!