Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sleepy post

every day i wake up tired. the thought that keeps swirling in my head is i need more transitional time. i need more transitional time. ive got to get in the mood and it takes quite a bit of "buttering me up" before my body relents and drifts off. my nightly routine is an awful one for me.

cloth diaper hunt for baby olive
write a little entry
write a little article
get ready for bed
run virus scan while i brush my teeth
check gmail again just in case the most important news everrr came in the last 3 seconds
turn off computer
wash face
talk in bed until david falls asleep
try to get my preggo body comfortable

i *start* getting ready for bed usually around 11 pm which puts me in bed around 11:30 and asleep around 12:30 pm or anywhere as late as 1:30 am. augustine wakes up at 7 and has breakfast with papa then finds his way into my bed just in time for higley town heros at 7:30. so we cuddle and smooch around in bed until 8, then play games or whatever until his first nap around 9. at which time i totally pass out until he wakes me up again, usually two hours later. this is the first time of the day i am truly awake.

so i have made it a point to start getting ready for bed at 10 pm, sans tuesdays because i am a nip/tuck addict and that starts at 10. but every other day i have plans to be in bed no later than 10:15 pm and read a book or do my word searches that i love so dearly until i feel tired. i did this last night with great success. i felt tired by an astounding 11 pm and nodded off even before david came to bed.

oh our cats have fleas and im afraid for augustine or i to touch anything in the house, let alone them. im only slightly germ a phobic i swear. the other night david gave the cats a flea bath. i couldnt help but laugh hearing all of the funny noises and exclaimations that echoed down the stairs from the bathroom. i sat on the couch and talked to augustine about what a wonderful daddy he has and how much he loves us both to give the kitties a bath all by himself (the shampoo wasnt safe for pregnant women to touch). augustine kept meowing like a cat and saying "papa!" (his favorite word as of late.) and pointing upstairs. im glad my son is a near carbon copy of my husband.

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