Monday, November 27, 2006

identifying, sheet ripping, words

i dont identify much with my name. which is jenny for those not aware of such things. but at the same time i feel weird when i meet someone else named jenny. and im not even sure i know what i mean by that. its like i dont identify as what i think the name jenny connotates, until i meet someone who i'd liken that name to even less. then i get all ptssh. you are so not a jenny even if your name is jenny. again, i dont really know what i mean by that.

i woke up as usual to a toddler jumping on me. the first words out of my mouth to david, who was in tow, was "worst night everrr". i say that at least once a month. i think im a sleep snob or something. i openly complained that he had stolen the covers and untucked my side of the bed a handful of times, then i got it in my sleepy head in the wee hours of the night that our house smelled of cat poo so i got up and sprayed the whole place with febreeze like a total poo-phobic. of course there was no poo. anyways i then felt like a jerk because david said he was thrashing about last night because he was sick and couldnt get comfortable. so me, being the sleep hoarder that i am is sitting there complaining about not getting my "required" 12 hours while he's achey and feeling terrible. i wrote him an apology email. digressing slightly to an above mentioned idea, our bed is divided into two parts. my side is tucked, his side untucked. if my side becomes untucked i am instantly aware of it and i have to get up and rearrange and restuff my sheet under the mattress. david said he woke up every time i "ripped the sheets off of him to tuck them back in". i didnt realize it was that obvious how irked i was. but apparently it was even to the sleepiest sick person. this was part of the apology email for sure. the poo smell obsession was all me just being a weirdo so i didnt mention it.

augustine is feeling a bit better today. ive been keeping him well hydrated with herbal tea with echinacea, green teas, and vitamin c type juice stuff. that and a steady flow of decongestant and he's a happy, sleepy boy. i came downstairs this afternoon and he was down playing solo for a few minutes. he walked over to what appeared to be a pile of barf. eww... i said did the kitty get sick? and he pointed to moredeci. see who needs a private eye when you've got a toddler who will squeal with no coersion? so i cleaned up the barf and we snuggled and read books. the boy is really into singing songs these days. he will yell out requests "E I E I O!!" (which is old macdonald) "no no no!" (which is the wheels on the bus - you know, because the daddies on the bus say no, no no. at least in our version.), etc. i am stunned every day with all the words he knows. david and i are currently investigating a big mystery. somehow augustine has learned who Popeye is and no one will cop to teaching him. at first we thought he was saying "papa" but when asked he clearly says them differently. last week he said robot, again no one intentionally taught him robot. i just feel a 19 month old shouldnt have the cognitive ability to pick a word out of casual conversation like that (because obviously we have talked about robots and popeye and all kinds of other odd words that he picked up on). if we are leaving the house you can say "what do we do now?" and he will point to the key rack and say "KEYS!". yup. nobody ever taught him that either. but this isnt the part of my post where i claim he's advanced or anything. i dont feel he is to be honest. he's smart as a whip (whatever that phrase means...) but advanced? bah! im so never going to be one of those parents who thinks their kid is excellerated. he is extremely verbal and emotionally sensitive - those are his strengths ill say that much though.

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