Monday, December 04, 2006

birthday fun!

guess what i got for my birthday?!

pink eye! yah!

david was kind enough to trek out to whole foods and get me some eyebright and vitamin c with bioflavonoids. the bayberry especially in in the eyebright makes it taste like total dirt. almost like a gross pile of leaves. i think from now on ill just apply it to my eye with a hot compress instead of taking it internally. gross.

all of this and today is my birthday dang it. woe is me! har har i just dont want to get anybody sick, especially since there was a baby here (his name is August!) so august and augustine were under one roof finally. at least while im applying the hot compressed for several minutes at a time it gives me some quiet, wakeful moments that i can devout to prayer. im lousy about alloting specific time for prayer.

i also got breakfast in bed today and a sweet sweet card from my even sweeter husband (and a bunch of other gifts from family members and friends) it means so much to me (even if it looks like i got socked in the eyeball)

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