Wednesday, December 20, 2006

crack is wack!

i cant remember if ive posted about this or not. i swear pregnancy makes me the mental equivalent of paris hilton sometimes. if i have, just ignore this or someone let me know.

anyways i cant remember exactly when this was surprise, surprise but we'll say it was within the two or three weeks. david, aug, and i go to kroger to get groceries. as we're approaching i hear the typical jingle jingle of the salvation army workers collecting money. normally i dont give money to anyone just asking for money (meaning homeless) unless they are making some effort to work for it. everyone can do something whether its stupid or not. anyways my exception is the holidays and to our church of course, and then naturally well respected charities and organizations. so i start fishing through my pockets to see if i have any change or small bills to put in the classic red bucket and tell david to go ahead and go in while i go over and throw the money in. now i realize that ringing a bell for the salvation army can't be a high paying job and therefore might attract a certain type of person but there was no excuse for what i think was clearly a very intoxicated man greeting me. after a barely discernable "happy holidays" the man fell backward over some boxes that were stacked up near him like a totally sauced idiot. i walked into the store chuckling a little and told david about it.

later as we were leaving i mentioned to david to assess what he thought of the guy's sobriety or lack thereof. sure enough we got another show! while walking by he said "happy holidays" again and this time stepped forward towards our cart, motioned and looked straight at augustine and said "crack is wack!". o_O

several seconds went by in silence and then i looked at david and said "wait a minute... did that man just tell our toddler that crack is wack?" and i laughed until i almost peed my pants.

Edited to add: oh man i just sliced through a quarter of my index finger slicing up some homemade bread. yeooowwwww! ew blood!

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