Saturday, March 17, 2007

bouncing around the room/womb

funny video of augustine and i bouncing on "our" birthing balls. he sees me on this thing so much that one day he just grabbed a ball and started bouncing around on it and laughing. he cracks me up

today we went to the library and something amazing happened, two actually. the first is that ive come to the conclusion that the worthington library has (to me) the world's most perfect drinking fountain. appropriate force of water, temperature, height of the fountain, etc. i slurped on it probably a little too long. the second is more monumental - i got my very own library card for the first time! (the conspiracy theorist in me has always been wary of getting one) if you knew me this wouldnt surprise you. i have long used davids, who scoffs at my theories of red flagging, thought police monitoring people's borrowing habits. its pretty funny since my best friend maggie is a librarian too. maybe she is one of them...?

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