Monday, March 19, 2007

file under "awesome"

well it looks as though david won't be able to take any real consecutive time off from work. im sort of freaked about that idea. davids job is a very important one to his company. in a nutshell he is "the man" when it comes to printing all of the digital images that their commercial photography studio does. he also mounts and installs said prints in whatever venue they need to go in (art museums, store front windows, hospitals, billboards, you name it...) at the beginning of this year his company bought a half a million dollar printer which david is the only one trained to use and the jobs are piling up for it. jokingly i asked him when would be a good time for us to have olive and the response was basically to the effect that i need to keep my knees together for about a month. sorry - don't think that is going to happen. all of last week he was working 16-20 hour days and then of course working to finish the basement on the weekends as usual. the boy is burnt out. oh and guess what! it's not going to get any easier in the next coming days and weeks! he might be able to squeeze in some half days but again, not really anticipating much substantial help on his end. he's just too valuable to the company - which i get but am still naturally frustrated at. david is too much of a stand-up guy to take his actual vacation days when he knows he is needed. that and if he did, the guy who he is scrambling to train on the new uber printer wouldnt be sleeping AT ALL because he's also been working 16-20 hour days. this isnt one of those woe is me/it's all about me posts. i genuinely will need help for at least a week (or more, please?) getting back on my feet after giving birth. heck when augustine was born i spent the first 3-4 days in bed nonstop and it was entirely uncomplicated, just had to listen to my body and rest as needed. so pray for the good to shine through in all of this.

file under : EVEN MORE AWESOME!

i pulled a muscle in my stomach either last night or this morning. i thought maybe i was having some warm up contractions but then realized it was very localized in one area. when i went to lie augustine down in his crib i about burst into tears it hurt so much. i called my midwife and she agreed that it sounded like something was pulled (vs a mild abruption or something). DANG. people have gotten by with far less and dealt with far FAR more. i can deal with all of this, though i seem to be experiencing a string of "nice timing, huh?!" situations. im so glad i pre-cooked as much as i did now. at least meals will be taken care of. and if i have to plop the kids in disposable diapers because washing (and subsequently lifting and traveling up and down a flight of stairs to the upstairs bathroom and then down two more to the basement) is too hard on me physically after birth, again i can deal. it isnt the worst thing in the world to lie on the couch with my babies and watch tv instead of me over working myself and impeding my recovery. stinks, but let's make lemonade out of these lemons shall we?

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