Tuesday, March 27, 2007

giggly + gardening

busy bee, that is me.

the weather outside is nothing short of ideal. saturday david went in to work and augustine was hanging out with my parents, so i had the whole house and afternoon to myself. i got some gardening done - planted seeds and whatnot, cleaned up the house a little, and went for a long walk. of course my body waited until i was at the farthest point from the house on the "circuit" to start having contractions and giving me panic signals. i've been sticking closer to home since then when i/we walk. today i had a burst of energy after several days of my body wanting nothing to do with cleaning, cooking, etc. (david has been so understanding!) im not sure if it's pregnancy related or not but i think eating one too many dinners from a box in a dirty kitchen was what pushed me over the edge. im not nesting, or maybe i am but im allowing myself an "out" if nothing materializes out of this energy but productivity. either way im getting back on track after a little slump. so chicken tacos are coming into my belly tonight. i have a feeling that tacos and i are going to be having a break up of sorts rather soon. when im not pregnant im indifferent to them for the most part. augustine and i spent a lot of time outside today. i cleaned out the koi pond and hooked up the filters and fountain, unhooked the winter heater and put it away, then i gardened a little. mostly pulling up weeds and watering the new seeds i planted on sunday. auggie got a real kick out of feeding the fish. he thinks giving treats to any animal is the greatest thing, especially dogs since they tend to snarf them right out of your hand. while he played with his toys i readied the weeks recycling, did some composting, set up and filled our bird feeder, and practically wrestled our tangled hose like it was a boa constrictor (im not very agile or graceful these days...) it was actually quite funny until one i noticed one of my garden-y neighbors out watering his own plants and sort of giggling at me.

elizabeth mitchell - so glad i'm here
elizabeth mitchell - three little birds

download those songs! i can't wait to have moments like this one - is this not the cutest song ever? i realllllly have to get that cd like, yesterday. her songs "1 day, 2 days, 3 days old" and "little sack of sugar" (listen to them here under Flower, and "If you Listen" under Little Bird) are making me sort of weepy listening to them.

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