Thursday, April 19, 2007

life is good

file under: where does the time go?

wow. a week old today! i just can't believe it's gone this fast. things are going smashingly well on almost all fronts. outside of the pain, nursing is going off without a hitch just as i (we all) prayed. so praise God for that! sleep is lacking naturally, but i don't even feel all that tired to be honest. the first three days were nothing but marathon nursing sessions and i was pretty worried. but once i decided to start speaking her language sleep has been much better for us all. basically she wants to sleep in the crook of my arm smooshed up against my chest, whereas the first three nights she was merely sleeping between us. so it makes for some awkward positions for me, but hey - at least im sleeping. and my dad is a chiropractor for crying out loud, he can fix any wonky back problems that result i figure. it's fun to get to know her personality, which has shown itself in many ways already. she loves to be swaddled but hates to have her arms inside said swaddle. (which is rare i think for a baby to not want that total confinement feeling) overall she is very peaceful and agreeable. i couldnt ask for more.

yesterday was david's first day back to work and it went very well. my mother in law came by in the morning and then my mom relieved her in the afternoon. when he went back to work after augustine was born i was very upset and emotional about it. not that i dont miss him to pieces and look forward to him coming back after work, but this round i feel much more confident.

sunday was augustine's birthday. i cried quite a bit. his actual (small) party is this sunday but it's just family. my mom got him a tiny cake sunday and brought him balloons with mickey mouse on them. they're still a joy to him even in their waning state. we gave him his bike and he went totally ape for it. he insists on riding it (which to him is just standing up and walking since he's too wee to reach the petals still) at every opportunity.

life is good.

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