Wednesday, May 09, 2007

our endless great days together

i weighed my little sumo girl today and at 3 1/2 weeks old she weighs 11 1/4 pounds approximately. that's more than a pound weight gain per week!! chub love! last night i took her out and about in the neighborhood while augustine played with the boys across the street. (sidebar: i was a little heartsick to admit to myself that he was old enough to have desires and the ability to play with real "friends") neighbors were coming out of their houses as they saw me walking by, flagging me down to get a peek at the newest addition. (our neighborhood is pretty tight) the lady across the street saw me sitting on our sidewalk step and she came shuffling over. i mentioned that we had her at home somewhere in the midst of the conversation and she exclaims "you. did. not.!" and i took it as an offense so i launched into the ol' "homebirths are just as safe as hospital births" stuff as i always do. turns out in her younger years (she's about 50-60) she wanted to be a doula and was actually inspired and happy to hear about our birth experience. she said she'd "always wanted to know someone who did that!" word

today was great and it's only 3:00! it's so gorgeous out so aug and i went outside during one of olive's many naps and played in the pool/sprinkler. afterward it was art time so we painted some pictures.

this picture just makes me want to sing elizabeth mitchell's version of so glad im here (which i talk about all the time but i just love it!)

i've got a peeping tom, folks

i took this picture to compare to last years version of the same

aww so little!

apparently the one pictured is of "lovey".

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