Monday, May 14, 2007

two in cloth + one month old

two in cloth // the reason for the day! (they're starting to look like twins)

anyways olive turned one month old on friday. chunky monkey is 12 pounds! i looked through augustine's baby book today and saw that he weighed 13 1/2 lbs. at THREE MONTHS. im so happy we're on our way to (another) chubby baby. there's just something about a big rolley polley breastfed baby that makes me grin from ear to ear - especially when they're my own, naturally. she's cooing and smiling a little here and there. i had forgotten how endearing those first "conversations" can be. last night was the first time i've ever fallen asleep nursing. i was only aware of it when auggie started to climb into our bed (and onto his little sister) in the middle of the night. i was first confused as to how i had fallen asleep and second, startled as to what this heavy jabbering person was doing climbing on me. oh yes, he's in his toddler bed full time at night with no problems!

oh and a big shout out to my man jesus christ. we are going through a bit of a financial crunch as of last week and BAM today someone calls and makes an offer on our car and we accepted. i mean its not as though we can just wring our hands and say "yeah crisis averted!" (the financial bind isnt through any personal mismanagement of our funds ill add) but gosh i feel that God just knew and planned everything to work out as it did. (oh wait, he did!) this weekends sermon really inspired david (perhaps a little too much?) to give to the church. he walked away from it practically saying he wants us to go through everything we own and sell a lot of it and give the money to the church - which, without boasting, sounds more like something I would say, only in the sense that im much more impulsive and he is much more conscience of finances. but God has put a call on all of our christian lives to give up our possessions. WE OWN NOTHING IN THIS WORLD. period. freely we've received now freely we shall give. (that's lyrics from a song by the way) if i claim anything as my own and wouldnt give it up for christ i'm sinning, the end. it's something i need forgiveness and brokenness about. as impoverished as i am, i am certainly wealthy beyond words to most of the world. i dont need ANYTHING new and yet i want things. anyways so little by little we are getting serious about simplicity and charity. short of a few family-friendly DVDs (oh and the big lebowski which i just can't part with) all of our movies are up for sale on ebay or amazon right now. our vespa is also up for sale, and david started the bidding for that at just $50 (drops over dead...) with no reserve. he just said that he cares so much more about getting any money for the church than trying for some specific amount and that God knows what we will get for it. that's all that matters. gesh he puts my faith to shame. im glad i have a husband that inspires me to be a better person and christian.

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