Tuesday, May 29, 2007

two stories

story 01.
any mama knows that moments to herself are few and far between. a mamas work is never done and rarely does it involve a hot meal or sleep. so when the opportunity presents itself POUNCE woman! that was what i decided to do when, after nursing olive into a placid state and turning on a maisy video for augustine, i was hungry and was going to do something about it darn it! so i propped up miss sumo wrestler in the corner of the (very safe) couch and said "hey aug. olive is going to sit here and watch maisy with you while mama goes into the kitchen and makes some peas". he didn't care in the least and instead went on happily sucking his thumb and zoning out on the tv. i come back into the room a few minutes later, peas in bowl/hand and see this.

family is good. olive agrees. he had climbed up onto the couch and shimmied up next to her and was snuggling basically. it made olive really hoot and smile. she really likes her bub and stuff like this confirms to me what the next story makes me question. (that he does indeed love his little sister too)

story 02.

so this was the scene that i left in the living room later that day (on sunday) while i was in the kitchen cutting up apples for a disaster of an apple pie i was trying to make for david's birthday. augustine comes in the kitchen and points to the bouncy seat and says "baby" meaning he would like olive to come in the kitchen and sit there. i say "no honey. she's playing on her playmat and mama is cooking" to which he says "auggie?" i think people have a false impression that just because i am his mama and am with him all day and night that i always understand what my little guy is saying. wrong! so i just jabber off a "umm.. ok sure honey. whatever you say!" response and go on with my business. several minutes later david comes downstairs and says "hey, did you move olive or did she learn to roll over?" nope. havnt touched her. "well you should come in the living room and see where she's at!" we then both go into the living room to see our first born DRAGGING our second by one arm and one leg. and before david hauls off and screams bloody murder i yell umm.. i think i sort of unintentionally gave him permission to bring her in the kitchen. he was just trying to help. holy cow! i didn't think we had to have conversations about not dragging our baby sister around by her extremities but well, obviously we dropped the ball on that one.

and aug wearing the same...

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