Tuesday, May 22, 2007

cars and kids

the life & stuff cleanse continues at casa de sigler. the car and vespa were officially sold today, all of our DVDs were shipped off to someone who bought them on ebay, and our motorcycle is going up any day now too. X amount of money from the proceeds is going to the church and the rest is going towards a happy, old, freer-of-ego-and-debt car. it's down to two types at the moment. the first is a mid 90s volvo wagon (which forever in my mind will be associated with my days at CSG - everrryone drove that car when i went there). the second, and more probable of the two i feel, is an old diesel mercedes benz that we will convert to WVO. what's WVO you ask? a car that runs on waste vegetable oil! the conversion kit is about a thousand dollars but hey, even with the money invested in that and the car it will pay for itself, not to mention we'll be two less suckers dumping money into ol' dubya's warchest. waste vegetable oil is FREE folks, that means no paying for gas! oh yeah and saving the environment to boot. the "cost" is driving a less than stellar looking car - something like this one is what we are looking at presently.

if we do the WVO i think we should definitely get something clever to stick on the bumper. this is a funny option or this one. (sidebar: a truly well done conversion should be vented out of the car and emit no actual smell of grease unless you're right up on the tail pipe. but you'd smell any emissions from that same distance. still funny though)

aug entertained me this morning by horsing around with the cat. we watch mickey mouse clubhouse on disney every morning at 8:30 and at the end we always dance to the music as silly as we can. it's a great way to start the day, you guys should try it.

gimme milk or im gonna bust some heads!

i made the worst lunch ever - shells and cheese with peas for him and a chicken pot pie for me. augustine had that liquid cheese stuff alllll over him so we had to wash up in the sink afterward. usually a wet washrag does the trick but this stuff was like shellacked to his face so reinforcements via the sink was in order.

it was oddly cold for may here that day, sort of overcast too, but auggie insisted that he wanted to go outside and play. so i sat inside the kitchen while he played mechanic (among other things) in the backyard. he does this all the time with his cars. i think its from having such a handy daddy and seeing him use tools all the time. horray for husbands who know how to fix things!

best picture ever

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Maria. said...

Jenny those pictures were cute. I like the one when Augustine was fixing his car with the screwdriver. And the one when he had the robot apron on with Uncle David! I am out of school, it is great being out of school. I lost my front tooth. It was bleeding. I love you!
Jena and Paige and Annie