Monday, July 02, 2007

camping wrap up

i was reminded today what last years anniversary brought. and as you know, it took us 10 seconds to get pregnant and now we have olive!

we had so much fun camping this weekend. when i originally called to make reservations at a campground the lady inquired about the ages of our children and when i said how old olive would be when we went she said (after a long judgmental pause) you're new to camping aren't you? ha! olive was a saint! augustine was a little more difficult to wrangle but it was mostly from being in a new environment and not taking his regular naps each day (yes, aug is 26 months old and still takes two naps per day) we are already thinking of going again this season.

interrogation of david. there was more but the memory ran out. bummer. anyways i think im going to do one of these videos every few years.

so david took friday off and we were on the road by 11:30 or so following auggie's morning nap.

we get there and (wrongly) set up the pop up camper. a neighbor came over and had pity on us and helped us actually set it up correctly after seeing our newbie attempts. three cheers for random terry from west virginia! actually the longer version of this story is that david was backing up the jeep while i was standing on the landing to the camper and he hit it and left it in reverse. so im standing there screaming STOP STOP STOP STOPPPPPPP!!!!!!! while being pushed along with it. so utterly scary!! i think my screams attracted random terry initially. david says he just wanted to make sure that i wasn't going to kill him (david).

their playground set looked a little like thomas the train. this was the only thing auggie wanted to do the entire weekend! well that and eat s'mores. hey, it's a vacation for us all right?

while this picture does not reflect the event, i must say that nursing a baby outside in nature is so wonderful

the first night was pretty cold. we had just a fan on vs the small space heater. brrr...

papa making breffis

pancakes, eggs, and fruit. yummm

so i had originally picked this particular campground because i heard a place called "noah's ark" was right next door which had train rides and a large petting zoo of 100 or so animals. yup we got there and it had gone out of business. so now we were stuck at a ghetto campground with no planned adventure. so we found a (n insanely small) petting zoo about 45 minutes away and went there. gosh darn it my family is going to pet animals!!!

seriously. these were the only two kinds animals. an anemic looking deer and some angry, corn eating goats.

they did have a totally ghetto carousel that augustine went batty over. then we got some ice cream and left.

augustine didn't want ice cream. so he opted for a sucker which was HUGE for him since i don't think he's ever had one besides maybe a tiny dum dum. anyways he was in candy heaven as you can see.

then we went swimming. olive slept a bit so david, aug, and i got to spend some quality splash time together. the only bathing suit i own is a bikini but i put it on anyways. not that i dislike my body in any way but helllloo. just had a baby 2 months ago and my stomach is still a little flubbery. again, whatever! we're on vacation. on and augustine pooped in the pool! well in his swim shorts in the pool -- i dont believe there was actually any leakage. yup, we became the parents of "that child" at that moment.

olive chilled out while i made a fire

huh? face

we roasted s'mores and put the babies to bed while we sat under the beautiful moon talking. it was great! i heard a crazy little yawlping/squeaky noise before we went to bed and thought it was some sad, hurt animal. it really made me very sad to think about and i couldn't get it out of my head. in the middle of the night i heard that same little depressing noise coming from under our camper!! the next morning we figured out two things 1) always hang up your trash when camping 2) raccoons like to roll around in baby poop. seriously the thing had gotten into our trash and had a fecal hay day from the look of things. ugh! and to think i felt sorry for the little bugger!


Anonymous said...

awesome! I love camping, we've been twice with Blake. Looks like a great time, and the next time will be even better with the lessons you learned this time!


Maria. said...

Hope that you both were able to enjoy your anniversary! We love camping, especially when we are outfitted like "the Kennedys" as Duane calls it! Where did you guys score the pop-up?

jenny mae. said...

the pop up is my parents. they havnt used it in yearrrs

rayray said...

aww, happy anniversary! that card is so awesome! hah :) i had to convince my husband that i should get pregnant again :) he was concerned about money stuff, but supposedly our insurance covers homebirths, nursing is almost free (aside from the cost of lansinoh pads...nothing else works for me, not even a cloth diaper folded a million times in my bra...argh) .... and i'm thinking i'm going to do cloth diapers this time, assuming we have laundry access :)

uh oh, avi fell down, gotta run, looks like camping was fun!

Alia said...

Yay camping!!! Smores are a definite hit. Poopy racoons huh?? nice.

Glad to see Auggie dropped some friends off at the pool!!!!

rena said...

Wee Hee! You guys look like you had so much fun. I love camping and really wish I got to go more often. I haven't been at all since Thing2 was born :( I'm thinking we'll go this fall when it starts to cool down a bit more.


Missparker said...

This looks like a great little trip! I think it's wonderful that you chose camping - some of my favorite memories are the camping trips my family took. It was hot, sweaty, muddy and amazing.

You mentioned Noah's Ark - were you in Jackson, Ohio, by any chance? I grew up down there amidst the Noah's Ark gloryland and quite frankly, you're lucky it was closed. The little train derailed not too long ago and that's probably why it's gone. I think your vacation looks much better:)

jenny mae. said...

yes we were in jackson!!