Wednesday, June 27, 2007

blue olive

my blue eyed girl


elizabeth said...

I was looking for info on homebirth and came across your much information here, it's wonderful.

This picture is TOO cute! She is just a doll, and the blur of active child in the background is hilarious!! How close in age are your kids?

Love it!

jenny mae. said...

they are 3 days shy of being exactly two years apart.

Sarah said...

LOVE the auggie blue in the background! She's adorable!

oh, I found a font named "augie" - it's a cute one!

rayray said...

it JUST occured to me to come back and check your site to see if you replied to my comment, and you had. boy i'm slow. :p :) but i've been talking to my husband about you guys.

speakin' of husbands, mine's wearing a short sleeve dress shirt to work today, exposing his tattoo's (gasp!) we'll see how that goes over!

oh and while i'm talking to you, since you're in columbus, i have a friend who's trying to move there soon... her husbands in printing and is trying really hard to find a job there, cause they already have a house waiting for them. to make things worse, she's due in a few week. she's having a homebirth but they're talking about moving to columbus (From cincinnati) maybe even before the baby comes, if they can somehow find him a printing job. eek the stress.

are there good midwives in columbus, for homebirths? :)

rayray said...

by the way! i meant to say that pic is super cute :D ...oh and i just told my husband that yours is in printing/photography and he wants to know what studio/shop. i told him i'd ask you but you don't have to tell me. :) britt always wants to know about other guys in printing :) hah

oh by the way one of my friends here in rochester is friends with you on myspace (mrs york), my myspace is if you want to check it out :)

jenny mae. said...

my midwife is THE BEST. she is from heath which is about an hour from here but she certainly delivers really anywhere within 2 hours or so of her place. columbus certainly qualifies. her name and number is: kathy mitchell - 740-323-1006

my husband works at a place called solar imaging/eclipse studios. its a commercial photography studio

rayray said...

thanks for the midwife info :D

Alia said...

She gives me baby fever. i dunno how that is even possible since I already have one (two really, somedays Noah regresses), but she is darling!