Friday, August 17, 2007


my eyes are burning so much that i can hardly open them. also i fell asleep last night putting olive to bed at 7 pm. that's pretty much how my life is going right now. anyone want to swap eyeballs?

ETA: via

/denial. i have allergies officially.

random pictures from lately

this is from augustine's second birthday party that was 10 days after giving birth to olive. look how pale i am! what's up bloodloss?...

at the fair/petting zoo

3 generations

mini david

this one loves nekkid time

4 months old now

we call her "wiggler sigler". this happened in about 30 seconds. she does it on her belly too

olive's outfit courtesy of aunt maria

weekly "kids on the couch" shots

the problem with cooking from scratch is that little mouths like to eat everything before it gets baked/cooked. that is how he "helps". but i can't be too mad at him. this is him eyeballing my zucchini bread batter while eating a homemade fruit leather.


Shannon said...

Baby rolls are the cutest. Cute kids. Do you have a recipe for fruit leather?

chelsea said...

i second the fruit leather recipe request.
also, i love the "thunder thighs" picture. i love seeing fat, healthy, breastfed babies. way to go on the cute kids mom! and dad!

jenny mae. said...

i use my food dehydrator and just puree various fruits. this time i made apples, blueberries, and strawberries into leathers. but i here is a recipe i dug up online that doesn't use a dehydrator

Alia said...

OMG, I just about blew a gasket on the nakie olive pics. Seriously! it was a squeal-a-thon and my co-workers ran in wondering what happened. And auggie looks so cute with the batter. I'd love to see him and Noah go toe to toe over my muffin bowls! Sorry about your eyes :( My hubby has bad allergies too (in spring he looks like a racoon, another good reason why we moved to a desert climate!)