Sunday, August 19, 2007

burrrrrning pt2

so what i thought was allergies was actually a raging double eye infection. awesome!! i did actually go get some antibiotic drops but im also doing breastmilk and eyebright applications too. the drops aren't compatible with nursing but the doctor showed me how to pinch off my tear ducts to minimize the absorption into my body. the pharmacist said the risk is minimal and the worst/most probable thing would be that olive would get diarrhea. so i think between all the measure im taking that we will be fine. im also mixing previously pumped milk with fresh and giving some to her in a bottle a few times a day so minimize things. still - freaky deaky know what i mean? both the doctor and the pharmacist said that maybe i could just avoid nursing. pttsh. the doctor said that if i didn't take the antibiotics it might develop into eyeball ulcers (not a real medical term) but you get what im saying, ulcers.

so please pray for my fire-eyes and for david too. the man is sick as a dog but in a different way. my poor baby daddy

ps take that necessary csection for big babies
and WORD


chelsea said...

i hope you both get better quickly.

jenny mae. said...

thank you! already i feel a bit better

Maria. said...

Jenny-I think that the breast milk didn't work in my eyes either. That sounds hysterical to admit but it does suck when you can't see! I will be praying for you!

jenny mae. said...

thanks girl! so far "something" is working. im using the antibiotic drops as sparingly as possible so the absorption for olive is the least it can be and in between using BM + that herb eyebright. so far the eyebright has been incredibly soothing. i wont lie, it feels a little silly putting BM in my own eye!

Alia said...

Actually, my nanny recommends BM for some types of diaper rash too (can you say I was SO SOLD on her services when I heard that??)

That kid is gigantic! glad it wasn't ME!!

jenny mae. said...

RE: that large baby... OWWW

tisfortara said...

i went on a babydate with a friend from highschool once - we met in the parking lot (note: i only had one baby then but still) - i took my son out of the carseat into his sling and met her at her car.

she took that baby out of the car (in the carseat), into the stroller, and we stopped to eat at the foodcourt - she fed her baby (in the carseat) and when we were done she put that baby back in the car.

never touched the baby!!!! she said - i don't want to wake her. i went home screaming that babies were meant to be touched! meant to be woken up! meant to be handled!


jenny mae. said...