Friday, August 31, 2007


two happy things to report on. (well many many many of course really since Jesus blesses my life continually) anyways first - potty training day one went VERY well. augustine was 100% on the potty yesterday until he went outside to play with david when he got home from work and i assume just got distracted and didn't want to stop playing. he had just two accidents. either way, extremely optimistic about the process. im a little fearful as to when to start putting underwear on him for naps though. hmmm..

second happy thing is that olive only woke up once last night! whoo hoo! i think it was because i just let her snuggle the entire night with either david or i, usually she is part of the night between us, part of the night snuggled on one of our chests. she is the complete opposite of augustine's personality in this regard - clearly faring towards david's personality and affinity for physical closeness. augustine is much more like me, really likes physical space. anyways olive's sleep patterns are becoming more and more normal and i am no longer feeling angry, frustrated, or exhausted (which i was about two weeks ago).

tonight we are going to david's summer company party. it's such a bummer that it isn't at the country club because aug would love to go swimming just one more time before the weather gets too cool and/or the pools close for the season. oh well. little duder is coming with david and i to the party as there will be quite a few other kids and they're showing a movie in their playroom. (ps david's boss is insanely rich) little ditty is staying home to be babysat by my parents. please pray she falls asleep for them while we are gone! once she has fallen asleep for david without me being present and once she has fallen asleep for my dad (at 10pm after lots of tears and fighting sleep ill add. i was staying the night at their house that night)

yesterday we had some friends over - beth, nikki and her son devin, and michelle with her son saylor. you might say devin and augustine had a good time together...

after they left it was time for the bubs to take a nap and auggie went down without a fight (it was 3 pm so no surprises!) but olive was being a fussy lass so instead of putting her in the swing as usual i took her up to our bed, which always makes her conk out. i woke up two hours later and david was home and watching tv. no diapers folded, no dinner made (how 1950s of me right?). that was a fantastic nap! i was just lamenting earlier that day about how the days of napping are long gone (unless it's on the weekend and david takes the kiddos).


missparker said...

The thought of a snuggly, sleepy little baby might be one of the best things ever. I watched three kids for several years, and I remember the times when they were sleeping as some of the most peaceful moments to date.

I haven't been a big fan of naps until recently, but they are possibly a new hobby. I've been waking up insanely early and working a full day before noon. Coming home and crashing in the middle of reading or watching a movie has been great.

Wow, this whole comment is about sleep so far!

I came across this article today and thought you might find it interesting:

Have fun at the company party- sounds great!

tisfortara said...

i know this sounds totally white trash - but we live in a really good county in richmond and we taught zrg that when he's outside (IN OUR YARD) it's okay to pee on the tree (a. our neighbors don't care b. it's pretty secluded c. he thinks it's funny now that i have plants i want watered d. he doesn't have to come in) - to go in a specific place outside.

boys will be boys.
it proved to be true on our first roadtrip where they peed side-by-side on the highway.

but for potty training purposed (get manners down later) :) trees love it!

Cristina Melo said...

Im just someone ho liks to read what you write, im the mom from Brazil, i found your blog by the youtube, after wacth olives birth, sooooooooooo awsome!!!!

Bye, Olive and Augustine are beaultiful!!!!

jenny mae. said...

miss parker -

have you ever seen the commercials in question? i really should write an entry about them.

and don't get me started on ol' tommy thompson. ugh. that man is pretty weak.

tisfortara -
my father has encouraged augustine to pee in the woods. it cracks me up but i also hope it doesnt become too strong of a trend.