Thursday, August 30, 2007

save me

last night we went and bought some toddler underwear for aug. and so begins the trials of full on learning to go on the potty. so far today he's gone three times and had no accidents so im feeling pretty good. *fingers crossed*

a handful of times per week my mom sends me articles that she cut out from the paper and they are almost always really interesting and right up my alley. this week so far i've gotten one about the maternal death rate being the highest since 1977 and the article linking it back to c-sections and obesity and the other article was about elimination communication. which my mother described as "sort of disgusting". both my parents are avid readers. my mom reads the Dispatch cover to cover every day i believe. growing up i have tonnnns of memories of going to the library. in hindsight im sure it was because we were poor and hey, the library is free books! but it has made a big impact on me as you guys know - bookworm! (though i will confess that until this year i did not patron the library. you know -- Big Brother and all that...)

today someone should come and save me from my children. love them to pieces but oh my gosh today they are insatiable! i think last weeks pump/dump routine i had to do while on those antibiotics screwed up my supply so today olive is incredibly fussy at the breast. not to mention im sure she figured out that bottle nipples flow a lot faster, even the slowest flowing ones which are the only ones breastfed babies should ever use p.s., than mama mammaries. so nursing is a challenge today needless to say. ive been putting her to the breast about once an hour to get my supply going but it'll take a few days for it to catch up i think. (sidebar: weighed her today - 17 1/2 lbs!) and oh man auggie is being a pill. any suggestions on how to teach a 2 year old how to share?? our neighbor across the street said that auggie was stealing toys from her kids (and/or the other children in the group), then when i went to talk to auggie about it he pushed a little baby (1 yr old) down. sup bad attitude? i don't want my kid to get red flagged as one of those bratty types. he certainly isn't! i dont know where this is coming from but i want to nip it in the bud.

oh and olive started herself on solids today. im telling you. leave the room for a second and she zips across the room -- and apparently eats stuff.

oh and i made banana peach bread for a playdate
today at our house. YUM

oh and i say oh too much


shutterthink said...

On my way, Jenny Mae!!!

saylor days said...

my mom read that elimination comm. article in the dispatch to me! haha

Alia said...

Yeah... um...well when we first started potty training with Noah (Jonah was maybe 4 months old at the time), to make him less afraid of the potty, we sat Jonah on it first and said "look what the baby is doing" thinking he might copycat?? No.


Jonah peed in the potty.
We laughed, we though it was a fluke.

He did it 6 more times over 2 months, almost every time we put it on it. Go figure. Jonah broke in Noahs potty. 6 times before Noah did EVEN ONE.

However, we had a long period where we didn't do it, and now Joanh doesn't automatically do it anywmore. I gues theres some kind of window.