Wednesday, August 22, 2007

sweet friends + wet nursing

for the following poll let's assume you know the donor well and the supplied milk is the last option before artificial milk, not just for kicks.

on a scale of 1-10 (1 being least) how comfortable would you be with donor milk (in a bottle)

on a scale of 1-10 (1 being least) how comfortable would you be with donor milk (directly feeding by another mother)

olive has had two diapers that were a bit watery for me, which is one of the common reactions to these antibiotics. if this continues throughout the rest of the day im going to seek some donor milk i think. talked to kathy (midwife/LC) and she echoed that same thought. for the above questions i would say that i am probably an 9 or 10 on the donor milk in a bottle and a 7 or so on the direct nursing from another mama. i mean that's MY kid and our bonding time so i feel a little territorial over the whole business. i bet my family is reading this right now and cringing. i love you guys!

my great friend michelle rigsby just dropped off like 30-40 oz of milk to donate to olive while im on these antibiotics. what a wonderful friend i am blessed with!! she and her boy saylor hung out for a while and we yapped and the babies slobbered together - it was really nice.


shutterthink said...

Michelle's mammaries rock.

saylor days said...

my poll
knowing the mother well is a must. then i'd agree 9 or 10 on bottle...and directly from the source? hm. i guess 8 or 9 i would do it for sure but if i had to do it knowing i couldn't-that would hurt my heart a bit.
love,love to yap with you!

jenny mae. said...

best comment ever beth!

rayray said...

from a bottle, 10. directly from the source? it depends on who it is, if it was my sister or best friend, 10. if it wasn't someone i was pretty close with i don't think i'd be cool with it at all...... i've been checking into donating milk to various organizations. i always have tons of milk, so i figured someone might as well benefit from it. :D

jenny mae. said...

bless you for considering donation! i recommend the hmbana sponsored banks for local banks

tisfortara said...

i'd be a wetnurse for anywoman if she needed me.

so i'd say 10, 10.
congrats on the milk donation!

Alia said...

I'd say 10 and 9, but 9 only because I'd feel left out... although, Jonah has EIGHT TEETH now (YEEOUCH!!)