Tuesday, September 18, 2007

guess what i got today?

guess what i got today?!

oh and the (different from the last) optometrist gave me an eyedrop prescription that is compatible with nursing. pttff. all of that former donor milk drama for nothing! i can't believe i wear glasses now.

today was nuts. woke up to david calling to tell me that someone had smooshed his car and there was now a 4+ inch dent in the side. AWESOME! and of course no note or anything of that nature. it really soured my day especially since i woke up feeling that i had my forth-this-year eye infection coming on and was finally fed up with my contacts and had to go see a doctor and get glasses. we aren't made of money, shocking i know! so the idea of repairing a car and purchasing glasses for me on top of a prescription/doctors visit left us both a little depressed. i felt so stupid praying about it today. God has always taken care of us. i have a great story that i will interject here -

when david graduated college (highest honors in his class ahem.) we moved from dayton to columbus so he could find a job. in between that time neither of us worked (about 3-4 weeks i'd say) and with the costs of moving and all that we were just broke as broke can be. but david hit the pavement and put the word and his resumes out there. this time off from work afforded us a rare opportunity to travel so we jumped at the chance to drive from ohio out to kansas to visit davids sister and their family. so we woke up one morning in the wee hours and just drove alllll day and night until we got there. while we were out there david got a job offer but what to do for money for two weeks? when we got home there was an overpayment refund check in the mail, some oversight from school and it took us EXACTLY to his first paycheck. many praises rang from our apartment!

so anyways i prayed like a silly baby today, but God has always been faithful so i wasn't really crying about it at all. i just prayed what i felt -- disappointment in humanity (for the person hitting the car and running), frustration (for all of the money i see people wasting - self included - and we can't afford some things that we actually need), humility (for being the waster of resources/money so often). so one of our friends had a problem with their car and earlier in the week david had committed himself to helping her out with it. as he was finishing up she slipped him a little bit of money and when he got home he looked and it was a hundred bucks!! God is so gracious and we don't even know all of the ways blessings are heaped upon us. so today i say, keep those peepers open guys. i spent most of the day grumbling and just feeling all out of wack but between my mom and erin (the girl with the car) i learned so much about being loved on, even if it isn't a big deal to the other person.


Tammy said...

It really is amazing, the way God provides! Your new glasses are cute!

tisfortara said...

i agree your new glasses are cute. if i wasn't dying from a headcold i'd be much much happier .... however .... your idea of praying inspires me.

my husband is jewish and on yom kippur (coming up) you ask g-d for forgiveness for 613 different "sins" - exactly like you just said - for frustration and things like that. i growing up catholic only thought the biggies were sins.

one other awesome thing about yom kippur is it's customary to sometimes ask one person's forgiveness - (ie my husband sent me flowers one year and he wanted me to know he was sorry he wasn't there one night when i was 'losing' it)

prayer no matter what the method is always rewarding! :)

rayray said...

oh glasses are good! i get contacts occasionally when we can afford them, and make them last forever. :p i got glasses the last time we had good insurance (2.5 years ago) which i still have, and i try to wear them as much as possible. it's free to wear them versus contacts, though i DEFINITELY prefer contacts! :p ...God will provide! :) the past...uh, since may, has been SO TIGHT for us, and we still have another month to go before things may possibly get better. it feels like we've been hanging on by the skin of our teeth. yesterday i had to buy avi socks so she can wear her chucks and i was so torn because it was $5 for a 6 pack, and i couldn't find anything cheaper and we don't really have money to buy them. oh well it was a NECESSARY thing. :p it's too bad the thrift across the street has such ratty kid clothes most of the time. :/ i'm thinking of going today to look for winter clothes for avi, but i reaaaaally shouldn't spend money right now. i hate it. but we're surviving! we've been able to pay all our bills! our car will be paid off in a few weeks, and then we'll be set! i think. :D

jenny mae. said...

tammy - i dont think being frustrated is by any means a sin. but it can lead one to sin i suppose. are there only (only!?) 613 sins?

rayray - do they have consignment shops near you? i find those SO much better than thrift stores. or garage sales - that's where the biggest deals are!

tisfortara said...

err, commandments in the old testament. of which - jealousy, to honor the wise, not to place judgment, bear a grudge, not to swear needlessly - it's regular stuff but things that you realize (understood you) daily.

rayray said...

there was once upon a child in ohio which had good clothes, not to mention the GOOD thrift stores in dayton. but up here i can't seem to find good thrifts...and i haven't heard of any kid consignment shops. :p

Kristyn said...

your glasses are so so cute! i like them alot.

i thought of you earlier this week when i went to panera.. they have a new salad:

Harvest Orchard: Field greens, crisp romaine, dried cherries, fresh pears, Gorgonzola, toasted pecans & our cherry balsamic vinaigrette.

sooooo yummmyyyy. I've recreated it every night this week at home!

jenny mae. said...

kristyn you are the second person today to mention that they thought i'd like that exact salad!! do i put out a heavy cherry vibe or what!