Thursday, September 13, 2007

shorter days + longer lists

+ riffling through like it's going out of style
+ first real massage!
+ just tomatoes order came in
+ waking up next to drooly munster girl every morning:

+ i am alone and loving it right now!
+ finishing my 37th book this year
+ sleeping with the windows open, snuggled under blankets
+ craftin' outlaws this weekend! (so pretty much all of my christmas shopping)
+ we now own yet another mercedes

- we now own yet another frickin mercedes.
- the dark fantasies affecting my dad now too
- thinking auggie threw up blood/was bleeding today (really he has just smooshed up a tomato)
- the just tomatoes dried cherries are gross and i have a whole pound of the suckers
- horrible dream about david leaving me for another woman (had to just hear his voice when i woke up, called him at work)
- i really should clean up the rec room right now. it's torn apart (but my book is calling me!)
- i think my haircut is sort of weird right now
- people making weird comments on my youtube videos


rayray said...

aw i have dreams like that too sometimes. i had one a week or two ago, darn vivid pregnancy dreams! it was a dream that britt left so i woke him up around 5am to cuddle... poor britt. but once i told him about the dream he was like "aww rachel, i love you" :) ...avi LOVES TOMATOES! i fed her almost ALL of the grape tomatoes i grew this summer! every day she'd just say "pay-toe! pay-toe please! pay-toe!"... and hey it's good for her... :)

rayray said...

thanks for midwife info by the way, hah so i spent the past 5-10 minutes trying to add you as a friend on myspace, or send you an email with no luck! i'm not a friend and don't have your last name so i can't do either! wow haha :) my last name is maher though! :D

tisfortara said...

- i don't know if you saw this or not - but this totally sucks.

i know you like him.

jenny mae. said...

tara that breaks my heart!

rayray - is my set that you have to ask permission? mine is sigler

Marie said...

Hi Jenny,

I found your blog after viewing your BEAUTIFUL (incredible, amazing, inspiring. . .) home birth video on youtube. My husband and I are planning to start our family in the next year, and I am so glad your blog exists. Sometimes I feel lonely when I talk to people about the way I want to raise my babies (as securely attached, breastfed, capable,respected, little human beings)because I feel like they just don't get it. Your blog is a great little reminder that there ARE like-minded parents out there. Thank you.

jenny mae. said...

marie- im so glad you found me then! i sometimes feel a little on my own in our parenting beliefs too. it makes my husband and i a lot closer i think because of that. we are of one accord on our parenting decisions even when others around us are, at best scratching their heads at us. where are you from? i wonder if there is an attachment parenting group near you? at the very least hook up with some la leche league meetings to find like-minded mamas!


tisfortara said...

one day after my first real massage (my cousin is a massage therapist) i felt like i wanted to die!
i think i was either a bit too tender or maybe a bit too pregnant - but either way i vowed never to get a massage again in my life.
unless it's from my husband who rarely pays much attention to task at hand.

iheartmadi said...

Hey jenny!
Olive has the most beautiful eyes! I love this picture of her! That site you sent me on baby food is great, I've been making some stuff that Madi is loving! But her favorite is applesauce and avacado. Is Olive eatting yet?

jenny mae. said...

nope not eating yet. well unless you count the newspaper she keeps gnawing on when im out of the room ;) she still has her tongue thrust and she doesn't use her pincher grasp yet either. soon i bet though.

so far ive made squash, nectarines, plumbs, and peaches for her. and ive always got oats and brown rice on hand so ill just mill those as we go. same with bananas and sugarless applesauces. the fall garden is growing spinach, carrots, and peas that im going to make into food too. i think between all of that we'll be fine!