Monday, October 15, 2007

sickness again!

last night the boys were playing in our yard and to be honest they don't have two pennies to rub together and their parents are expecting their fourth little boy in just a few days. so i fed them dinner to fill their bellies but also to give their mom and dad a break. they work so so hard and rent a two bedroom apartment across the street from us. SIX people in a two bedroom apartment guys. our six year old neighbor just started kindergarten and he and auggie play together all the time. well neighbor-boy brings all sorts of germs home and thus both my kids are sick... again. last night auggie was so sick it actually woke him up. he cried and wanted hugs, kept saying "want daddy! want daddy!". poor little guy. i went to the store and bought him some herbal tea for colds, i think it's helping. today he can have as much OJ as he wants and he's loving it. i think maybe ill down a clove of garlic or two myself today. i cannot afford to get sick, i mean there are no sick days to just lie in bed for stay at home mothers after all. soon im putting in an order for a while slew of herbal remedies to use when we are sick or achy (belladonna, gelsemium, bryonia, pulsatilla or arsenicum.) right now auggie really needs some kali-bichromicum (loose cough, sinus pressure, and night waking from the cough and congestion) but i fear by the time i ordered it and it got here that the phase indicated would be passed already! i should make a trip to raisin rack but my car is on the fritz and so we are stuck at home during the day until further notice. auggie is a zombie anyways so i think we could all just use a day sitting on the couch watching mind numbing tv drinking tea + oj.


Kristin said...

Hey Jenny! this is michelle rigsby's friend, kristin (I e-mailed you a while ago on myspace!)Just thought I would say hello, and I hope you guys feel better soon! I love all the pictures of your kids-- they are so precious. :O)

rayray said...

it sucks being a sick mama. :( i've been sick since last wednesday night, and my in-laws were here from thurs-sunday. avi got sick monday... we both started out with fevers and then coughing and boogers. and for me, aching. she's better now, but i'm still sneezing and gross. of course being preggo TOO means that whenever the phlegm-y-ness starts to gross me out i throw up! AHHHHH! i've been chugging water and hot tea and i had a lot of horseradish on my hotdogs for lunch... but nothing is really working. :( any ideas? i really wish i could take mucinex, i got avi some and she cleared up in only a day or two! ah, lucky girl!

hope your kiddos feel better! time to make dinner!

jenny mae. said...

kristin - what is your myspace name? forgive me but i cant remember which emails we exchanged!

rayrary - do you guys take much echinacea? that always helps zap the colds in this house. also bulking up on vitamin c and zinc (cold-eez cough drops are awesome and they dont taste bad!)

rayray said...

hmm i'll keep that in mind! i'm not the greatest about taking vitamins and supplements. :p i'm even bad about taking those darn prenatal vitamins. but i should get something for fighting pregnant colds definitely. all this throwing up is driving me crazy. :p

Kristin said...

I think my myspace name is just kristin. I'm really not sure. Anyhow, I live in TX and shell has been telling me for a long time, "you and my friend jenny have so much in common!" (she and I have known eachother since birth) That is what sparked the myspace e-mail. Anyhoo, it's fine if you don't remember! :O)

Kristin said...

Jenny do you know of a site that lists herbal remedies?

Thanks and I love reading your blogs. Even though we have never met, you have helped me think differently and green up my life the way I have always wanted too.

Thanks again,

Kristin... not the one from above but another one :)

jenny mae. said...

hmm... well are you looking for herbal or homeopathic remedies? if it is the latter i recommend the book "idiots guide to homeopathy" as a great resource.

here is a good link with a few tidbits. it is aimed at childrens ailments but it isn't specific to just kids-

if there is something you can't find let me know more about what you are looking for and maybe i can help