Sunday, November 04, 2007

flickr + meme

From Pink Sherbet Photography From Pink Sherbet Photography From rageforst From rageforst From rageforst From Rocked My Soul
From ElisabethD From watanabekanako From Marine ♥ From RottieLover♥ From Jennifer Esperanza From :: e r i k a ::
From :: e r i k a :: From iz*source From diyosa From diyosa From ♥loveberries From mtyto

todays favorite photos from flickr.
also i was tagged by jennie to list six things that have made you happy recently, then tag six people to do the same.

- starting nov 1 a local radio station is doing like 24 hrs a day christmas carols. i listened to them for 40 minutes yesterday with a huge smile on my face.
- flannel sheets. ahem FREE flannel sheets (parents were cleaning out their stash)
- organic eggs + yogurt. seriously they are so much more flavorful it isn't even comparable
- auggie wanting to bake with me everyday. last week i borrowed a neighbors muffin pans so i could make my (3+ dozen!) cupcakes more quickly. when returning them i apologized that it took so long. she said "well its not like i obsessively make cupcakes anyways" well that makes ONE of us and she laughed a good one.
- my soon-to-be-entering-the-world niece or nephew and the 3 already in the world (hello jena, paige, + annie!) i found this photo of my holding paigey when she was just a wee babe in the hospital. i remember looking at it many many times before auggie was born trying to picture myself holding my own child.
- being okay with not having all the answers. sometimes there feels like there is pressure to be this complete person with these complete ideas and just be a complete package. well i'm not, never will be, can't possibly want to be, pity someone who thinks they are/fakes they are. my life is just one step at a time in a general direction towards Jesus

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Maria. said...

Those photos from Flickr are great Jenny!

I love that photo of you and Paige! What a great time! Wish I could have one of you holding this little one, too! Miss you girl!