Thursday, November 01, 2007

human family

as 2007 creeps ever closer to its conclusion i must conclude that this year has really been the year of "putting my money where my mouth is". despite it being more cost effective to birth in a hospital, we chose a homebirth for example. finally we are beginning to eat more organic, fresh, local foods too which really jazzes me. the moral of the story - we are beginning to value quality above convenience, information above societal norms, and lessening our slavery to instant gratification day by day.

but im still struggling to sort out the hierarchy of what matters most about what i consume. today i drove 20 minutes just to get david milk after calling every other store i thought would have lactose free, fat free, organic milk. finally wild oats had it but guess what - the carton wasn't recyleable! this is just one example of how frustrated im getting at trying to make all of the "right" choices. sure ill buy local eggs but they also dont come in a recycleable container. or if they do, they aren't local. or are local but aren't organic. i can't win!! the last time i got groceries i stood near the butter and turned over every carton to find one that came in a recycleable container (meaning plastic 1, 2, or 3) and came up totally dry. i sulked out of the store with it in my bag.

another area that im getting frustrated at is the no-china thing (which we are toying around with extending until well... forever) previously i had been wooed back into the arms of melissa and doug toys with the promise from their company that they are (quote) "one of the only toy company's that hires their own employees in China. Their products are make to EXCEED THE STRICTEST toy standards on the planet". huzzah! i can buy them guilt free!! but then i thought more about it and reflected on the deeper issues on why i no longer wish to buy from the chinese. yes, the recent scares with lead in toys is a big one. i want my children to be safe and their toys should not be contaminated! but that is just the one the media seems to be highlighting the most. have we forgotten that they use child labor? or use sweatshops? and what about all of the outsourcing our countries does? the jobs lost in america and around the world are in the tens of millions! what happens if (when) one day china doesn't want to make all of (and by all i mean 80% of!) our clothes, toys, electronics, etc. for pennies? guess what! they have us addicted to the prices and convenience and we are backed into a corner. have you ever heard the expression "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world"? well in this case that hand is china and the cradle is 80% of everything we own and we are all being lulled into a dangerous sleep. china is not a country that i want running the world and at this rate they are absolutely on that path with their booming production industry. the exception to the no-china christmas is fair-trade items i will add. if it is fair-trade and from china i am okay with that.

earlier in the week i went to a great toy store called Itsy Bitsy World in search of some toys augustine might like for christmas. i figured since it was a non-run-of-the-mill store i'd have a pretty good shot at finding some cool stuff. they basically had infant haba toys (or those outrageously priced toddler ones) and one puzzle that wasn't made in china. so the woman working there sent me to larson's toys which happened to be next to wild oats. today on my milk-hunt i went into larson's and thought i hit the jackpot. i pity the salesperson who approaches me and asks if im looking for something only to hear why yes, i have a 6 month old and 2 1/2 year old that im looking to buy for. and at this point they're usually nodding and generating a mental list of toys they're about to spout off and announce as suitable for this or that age group and interest. oh and we don't buy things from china. and this is where her face dropped, arms crossed, eyes went to the ceiling and she stood there thinking for several moments before taking me to see three puzzles, one insanely expensive pakistani drum, and a handful of really lame finger puppets that olive would probably eat. BUT they did have some folkmanis puppets that, while expensive, are less expensive than some ive seen and i already know how much he loves his hippo one.

i wish my children were old enough to understand what we are trying to do. right now they could care less how many presents they get. i will never take a photo of my child displayed on top of some mountain of toys that s/he has received on christmas morning - for monitary reasons but also i just find it in bad spirit to be so overconsuming. i know most people think this is kind of silly what we're doing (or not doing) with christmas but i just feel that my conscious wouldn't feel right owning something that was made by a child working for pennies. heck a child being paid millions! one day my kids might ask me why they dont have x,y,&z toys and i hope i can teach them why in a way they will understand. no toy is so important to us that it should come at the cost of someone else's dignity or wellbeing even if they live on the other side of the world and we don't know them. this is where i hope they understand what i mean when i say "human family" and words about how we should love everyone, support everyone in that love, take care of them for crying out loud.


chris c. said...

you're doing many things right, don't feel defeated.

Sarah Moseley said...

saw this on diaperswappers. good place to get natural toys for christmas.

Here is the info for the discount code

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Happy Shopping

jenny mae. said...

i was just on DS today! how weird! i love that place. anyways thanks for the link. that site sounds awesome and i really might order our christmas gifts from there. eek only good for a few more days!

Alia said...

YAY!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one banging my head against the wall over this stuff.

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad there are people out there who are intelligent, thoughtful, ethical and respectful of the planet who are having children and raising them accordingly. it is hard to be a conscious consumer (but possible!) in america, although some places it is easier than others. but i have a lot of respect for you and i think what you are doing is great! keep up the good work, the world needs more of you. :)

p.s. long time no talk! glad everything is well.


jenny mae. said...

at this point i feel this stuff HAS to be done. like you said, it's possible to be a conscious consumer so why not?

also i see you read the omnivore's dilema - it's on my to-read list. review of it?

Anonymous said...

great book. very insightful and informative. i'm pretty passionate about food, agriculture, and sustainability. i learned a lot and it further reinforced my commitment to being veg (with occasional seafood) and buying only local produce. however, i'm quite lucky to live in the bay area where that is much easier, and much of his writing is specific to this region. but still... definitely worth it. keep it on your list! :)

jenny mae. said...

ohio is fair at best for local stuff. i dont feel it is possible for us (without more effort than we are able to put out) to buy exclusively locally grown items. we already run all over Gods green earth collecting oil for our cars (veggie cars!) + this place for organic milk and that place for produce. uggh its exhausting sometimes.

how is SF treating you? sounds like youre loving it! (and WHY NOT!) oh ohio is for the birds...

Anonymous said...

SF is treating me well. can't complain. good job doing something i feel passionately about. made good friends. lots to do in my spare time and i feel much more at home.

have you looked into any CSA's that might deliver? i know there are a few in the columbus area... could come in handy. you guys seem very busy.

jenny mae. said...

yes we have looked into CSAs. they deliver to the worthington farmers market (or clintonville coop and probably others) i worry i'd get a pound of turnips and not know what in the world to do with them! so instead im going to just fill up my own garden, that way i know it's organic too.

yes we are mad busy. kids tend to do that to a couple! but healthy eating and conscientiously picking our food is important you know?