Friday, December 28, 2007

the perfect morning + shopping for myself for once

for christmas this year i wanted just a handful of things. not that i NEEDED any but yeah, wanted. really i "need" some new clothes because to be honest i have slight variations on the same tshirt going on with my wardrobe and a girl really just doesn't want to be so blah all the time. so i got quite a few gift certificates and last night with my new ipod nano in tow, i went to easton (alone!) and went shopping. i think i have been shopping for myself twice in the last year! one of which was with my birthday money. i must say that shopping is much less nails-down-a-chalkboard when you can listen to music the whole time. i probably looked like an elitist jerk but seriously, i couldn't handle all the crowds otherwise.

i got this pin dot jacket & cropped cardigan. both look really cute with the top (in oinch) i got to go under them. i also bought another shirt (in blue) or two & some awesome pinstripe pants that really remind me of searsucker but they are unavailable online and im not ego driven enough to photograph myself in new clothes. just use your imagination that they are cute.

oh and with my birthday money i got this shirt, but in green so it's much cuter. oddly enough auggie picked it out and i love it, a pink issac mizrahi sweater which is uncharacteristically LOUD of me but i still really like it, and a red cardigan. a girl can never have enough cardigans am i right? oh and some fancy new jeans.

and for all of the clothes i only "spent" $20 since everything was gift card or money given to me for clothes. not bad...

olive is becoming the wiggliest of worms in bed at night. still love to cosleep, no plans to change it up, but wow, what happened to just lying parallel to one another all night? instead we've swapped our "three lines" set up for a capital letter H. somewhere in the latter half of the night begins the world's slowest headbutt and every half hour or so she'll inch closer and closer to my forehead (or eyesocket) with the top of her head until daybreak, at which time she's thisclosetomyface and im lying on my back with my right arm outstretched, her on top of it/me/my face. and when i lie on my back my hands and feet always fall asleep - scoliosis is awesome for pinching off nerves! this morning was the same old story. 6:30 david's alarm goes off and literally as soon as the bathroom door shuts, auggie's opens and he comes in dragging the top blanket from his bed, which he insists is superior to david and i's covers. he plops down on davids side, headbutt-er is still asleep and my feet and hands are too. i beg him to just go back to sleep but he rolls and bucks the blankets around and wants me to reposition them. then olive's sleepy hand or foot touched him and he freaks out but then laughs. how do you use your mama SSHH!! BE QUIET voice when you're trying to not wake up the baby that's laying on top of your face?! after 20 minutes of silence i see that he has his arm around her and is sucking his thumb into la la land. and it made it all worth it to see that.

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Wow--did I write the co-sleeping section??