Thursday, December 27, 2007

christmas 2007 wrap up

olive, christmas eve 2007

my christmas didn't have enough Jesus in it. i feel like i failed my children. it's not that the story of Jesus should be the focus and the presents should be downplayed, it's that Jesus should encompass the entire experience. the giving is about Jesus, the getting is about Jesus, everything. and i fear he was a slightly elevated footnote amongst the hub a bub of the holiday. im questioning how biblical my current ways of celebrating christmas are. the food and family were great, but yeah... not how i wanted to celebrate what defines (or should) my life. anyways everyone was very respectful to not get the babes an overabundance of toys. in fact both only got a few small ones and the rest were puzzles, books, some very cool puppets, and clothes.

oh and upon looking at my gifts i ended up buying TWO from china afterall. my only defense was that i had two hungry children, one with wet pants, no nap, and less a stroller to harness both at the same time. by the third time he had disappeared under the clothing rack playing a hilarious game of give-my-mother-a-heart-attack a la hide and seek in a large department store i threw up my hands on checking the backs of every little item i picked up to see where it was manufactured. so brienne and david, i hope your socks and slippers are not steeped in lead paint and that no workers were hurt in getting them from point A to point B but i did the best i could with the situation and sanity i was given. a gal can only take so much.


saylor days said...

great picture.i just posted a christmas wrapup blog and didn't mention Jesus and that embarasses me! no,he wasn't forgotten for us this past week but it is hard to figure out how to share it with your children in a tangible way,particularly at a young age.
saylor did get an overabundance of gifts! i'd like to start a tradition of giving to those in need during the holidays...

Soul Shelter said...

=D That's a great picture of little Olive checking out the Christmas tree!

My side of the family aren't Christians in the slightest sense of the word so it was hard for Thomas and I to keep Him in everything we did outwardly when we visited them. I feel horribly guilty for that, and shouldn't let my family determine on how involved we let Jesus be in our lives.

I sure hope Vincent doesn't decide to scare me half to death playing hide and seek in a store when I'm not under the realization that the game is taking place. That would have scared me to death!

Corin said...

So funny, I was feeling the exact same way about Christmas this year...that little twinge of, "Ugh...what am I teaching her???? {my daughter}. Next year I think we may do things a bit differently.