Wednesday, January 16, 2008


augustine is funny these days. ive been teaching him ways to discern between different kinds of birds lately and yesterday he ran to the window and pointed to the bird feeder yelling "mommmy!! robin hood! robin hood!" haha. obviously he was pointing at a robin. he loves telling me how hawks are brown with white bellies, robins are gray with orange bellies, bluejays are blue and white, cardinals are red, etc. 100 times per day he runs up to me and tells me I LOVE YOU MOMMY! and runs away. *heart warm* he will also run up to olive and do the same, but by "run up to" i mean run IN to, usually knocking her down and making her cry. *head desk* many times he will call me "mama" and then insist i call him "augga" in return. toddler inside joke or something. oh and this is an email i dictated to david from auggie, who was acting very sad and said he wanted to talk to daddy.

hi daddy. i miss you. i love you daddy. you went to monster jam with me. not mommy. not olive. just me and daddy. daddy and auggie. daddy and me went to see monster jam. you threw snowballs. i threw one at alexander. it got in my eyes. i love you daddy.

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Soul Shelter said...

Augustine is one cute little kid. =) I can't wait until my Vincent gets to that age.